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CLARChannel Local Address Register
CLARCentral Laboratory for Aquaculture Research
CLARConker Live and Reloaded (gaming)
CLARComputer Assisted Legal Research
CLARCrude Liquid Argon
CLARCommunications Loading Analysis Report
CLARCustom Location Alternate Routing
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Finally, take the time to clarify the role faculty and staff will play in implementing and sustaining the brand.
CLARiFY can be used to print out an easy-to-follow visual digest of what the coding information should look like, with an explanation of any variations made by the planning department, and other related instructions such as the requirement for promotional flash labelling.
Provide a $10-million threshold for reporting transactions subject to contractual protection and clarify the treatment of many other standard forms of contractual protection, including tax "calls," gross-ups, etc.
We will leverage the information in our Clarify environment to develop new e-business initiatives for our web site," said Randy Gardner, vice president of information technology at Viking Freight.
Clarify president and CEO Tong Zingale said the aim was to conduct business with the customer in "the way the customer wants business conducted with them.
To clarify job responsibilities, role definition, and standards of expectation.
The Clarify NGx represents a leap forward in speed, accuracy, price, and portability for the Clarify system, while improving on its industry-leading measurement performance.
This final rule amends the FAR to clarify that the Javits-Wagner O'Day (JWOD) program becomes a mandatory source of supplies and services when the supplies or services have been added to the Procurement List maintained by the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled.
AB 270 also redefines unlicensed members to clarify that the unlicensed members may not be in the business of accounting and tax preparation or receive income either directly from public accounting firms or through their spouse.
Attracting and retaining customers is an especially high priority for companies that use an ASP business model," added Kirsten Berg-Painter, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Clarify.
We note that proposed regulations under section 356 (REG-105089-99) will clarify the use of NQPS and other preferred stock in certain reorganizations, exchanges, and distributions.
Help desk outfit Clarify Inc says it will continue to build and buy software to fill out its eFrontOffice strategy which extends its footprint from employee-facing applications out to customers and suppliers in the channel and in the field.