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CLSNClaystone (lithological term)
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Sandstone interbeds reach 40-50 cm in thickness, shale with carbonated sandstone nodules is observed, continuing to sandstone-shale alternations, and ending with carbonated claystone, siltstone and sandstone.
saturated potential pay within the limestones and claystones of
Minor amounts of claystone and hematite cements also are present.
Some thin soft clay layers contain three-dimensional well-preserved trilobites; in claystone they are usually strongly deformed.
3]; CEC = cation exchange capacity; OM = organic matter; PSD = particle size distribution; SS = sandstone; CS = claystone.
A thin claystone overlies the beach deposits and represents the base of the upper Porters Creek section.
The raw material, a black palaeozoic bituminous sideritic claystone, comes from the Kounov coal seam, which outcrops in an area about 7 x I kin.
Flat bedrock = slab-like sandstone or claystone rock of low vertical relief (<0.
Trace minerals tinted the claystone with colorful stripes - red from oxidized iron and black from manganese.
The Gatuna consists of pale-red to moderate brown fine grained sandstone with locally important gypsum, shale and claystone (Vine, 1963).
The surface formations are known to be particularly problematic with salt water flows, reactive claystone formations, bit balling and stuck pipe risks, but the Ultradril system ensured the sections were drilled with minimal non-productive time.
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