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CLEARCenter for Language Education and Research (MSU)
CLEARCouncil on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation
CLEARChinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews
CLearComputer-Supported Cooperative Learning
CLEARClearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research
CLEARCitizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (System; Chicago Police Department)
CLEARCanadian Loss Experience Automobile Rating
CLEARClassification of Events Activities and Relationships (multimedia research)
CLEARClimate and Environment in Alpine Regions
CLEARCommunity-Linked Evaluation AIDS Resource
CLEARCampaign to Leave Emulation Alone (plus nn R)
CLEARClosed Loop Execution and Recovery
CLEARCounty Level Easily Accessible Resource
CLEARCross-Linked Ethoxylate Acrylate Resin
CLEARCanadian Legal Education Annual Review
CLEARCommittee to Lead Education And Roads (Arkansas)
CLEARCounty Law Enforcement Applied Regionally
CLEARCampaign Logistics Expenditure and Replenishment Model
CLEARColorado List of Emergency Assistance Recipients
CLEARClient Electronic Access and Reporting (Merrill Lynch)
CLEARCommunications Link Expert Assistance Resource
CLEARCompany Level Evacuation and Recovery
CLEARCitizens Lobby for Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (Canada)
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Antonio, it carries me clear out of myself just to hear you tell it; it must have been perfectly splendid.
Here is an express power given, in clear and unambiguous terms, to the State Executives, to fill casual vacancies in the Senate, by temporary appointments; which not only invalidates the supposition, that the clause before considered could have been intended to confer that power upon the President of the United States, but proves that this supposition, destitute as it is even of the merit of plausibility, must have originated in an intention to deceive the people, too palpable to be obscured by sophistry, too atrocious to be palliated by hypocrisy.
The clear blue of the distance faded, and one star after another came out.
There he sees the cable ranged, the windlass disconnected, the compressors opened; and there, after giving his own last order, "Stand clear of the cable
She was recovering now from the first shock of emotion, and she looked at Adam with simple sincere eyes as she said, "Yes, Adam, my heart is drawn strongly towards you; and of my own will, if I had no clear showing to the contrary, I could find my happiness in being near you and ministering to you continually.
ONCE upon a time there was a coffee-planter in India who wished to clear some forest land for coffee-planting.
Anger is the egg of Fear-- Only lidless eyes are clear.
The pains are clear away down to my ankles now, or I'd 'a' walked in to Starkfield on my own feet, sooner'n put you out, and asked Michael Eady to let me ride over on his wagon to the Flats, when he sends to meet the train that brings his groceries.
But that this is evidently absurd is clear from other arts and sciences; for with respect to musicians who play on the flute together, the best flute is not given to him who is of the best family, for he will play never the better for that, but the best instrument ought to be given to him who is the best artist.
Nor did the other's frank, clear eyes waver beneath D'Arnot's fixed gaze.
We'll clear it out for you in a minute," said Timokhin, and, still undressed, ran off to clear the men out of the pond.
His teeth seemed perpetually to ache with desire, and in lieu of black legs he husked the cocoanuts that fell from the trees in the compound, kept the enclosure clear of intruding hens, and made a hostile acquaintance with every boss-boy who came to report.