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Here, likewise -- the germ of the wrinkle-browed, grizzly-bearded, careworn merchant -- we have the smart young clerk, who gets the taste of traffic as a wolf-cub does of blood, and already sends adventures in his master's ships, when he had better be sailing mimic boats upon a mill-pond.
Poor old John, I have a great regard for him; he was clerk to my poor father twentyseven years; and now, poor old man, he is bedridden, and very poorly with the rheumatic gout in his joints I must go and see him today; and so will Jane, I am sure, if she gets out at all.
Rose at Exeter, a prodigious smart young man, quite a beau, clerk to Mr.
Very likely," I returned; "or perhaps clerk or agent to a wine- merchant.
The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner.
With those words, the clerk opened a door, and ushered me into an inner chamber at the back.
the Clerk of Copmanhurst, for so I am termed in these parts They add, it is true, the epithet holy, but I stand not upon that, as being unworthy of such addition.
Guest, his head clerk, upon the other, and midway between, at a nicely calculated distance from the fire, a bottle of a particular old wine that had long dwelt unsunned in the foundations of his house.
IT is no part of mine to narrate the adventures of John Nicholson, which were many, but simply his more momentous misadventures, which were more than he desired, and, by human standards, more than he deserved; how he reached California, how he was rooked, and robbed, and beaten, and starved; how he was at last taken up by charitable folk, restored to some degree of self-complacency, and installed as a clerk in a bank in San Francisco, it would take too long to tell; nor in these episodes were there any marks of the peculiar Nicholsonic destiny, for they were just such matters as befell some thousands of other young adventurers in the same days and places.
Fogg and his two companions took their places on a bench opposite the desks of the magistrate and his clerk.
A tall, pale clerk, his face shaded by a forest of virgin hair, opened the door, and bowed with the air of a man forced at once to respect in another lofty stature, which indicated strength, the military dress, which indicated rank, and a ruddy countenance, which indicated familiarity with good living.
I SERVED Edward as his second clerk faithfully, punctually, diligently.