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NCEP-NCAR meteorological reanalysis composite-mean 200-hPa geopotential height (m; black contours) and corresponding climatological anomalies for 1-2 Jan 2017 over western North America.
The operation will enable the Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency to monitor seismic activity constantly and improve the accuracy of epicenter analysis and magnitude estimation.
But, Solis said, there is a 28-percent chance of El Nino developing in 2017 with seven climatological models predicting hotter and drier weather.
In this model, effect of independent variables (PMHD, MIR, and climatological variables of adult mosquitoes) on the depended variable (dengue patients) was elucidated by using FE and RE models with the help of following equation:
Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly or SSTA: this is a difference between measured current temperature and the climatological mean value, which Is calculated as the average SST for a given period referred to as reference period.
We obtained geographically detailed climatological data that permitted us to compute day-to-day individual exposure patterns.
This faith in the inexhaustibility of wealth and commerce in the Pacific universalizes both the economic and climatological beliefs that Dampier voices: similar latitudes produce similar conditions for growing crops and cultivating the same "Fruits, Drugs [and] Spices.
Gold Medical Humanism Society the American Clinical & Climatological Association, and the Society of Medical Administrators.
Though its climatological probability as seen over the period 1951- 2000 is 16 per cent, the department has forecast a 23 per cent probability for deficient rainfall this year.
The Center, which monitors and analyzes tsunami movement in coordination with Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysical Agency, expected zero to half meter-high tsunami waves to hit the country today.
BNA) -- The Ministry of Transportation has completed the upgrade of its climatological database as part of its strategic vision to enhance data collection and analysis and implement technology across its business practices.
This last week kept a moist inflow in the middle levels from mid-Angola across our northeastern districts and thence across Botswana, very much in keeping with the climatological norm for the time of year.