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The topics of the workshop were climatological ice time series and models; sea ice dynamics: models, engineering, ice breaking, accidents, human life; structure and ecology of ice and under the ice: freezing, melting, transmittance, living; ice-land, ice-ocean and ice-atmosphere interaction.
Mann now advocates insistent political engagement by the climatological community.
GDD Data based on 50[degrees]F (10[degrees]C) from local climatological data (LCD) sites has been directly used and statistically tested for significance.
It was pointed out that there is need for conducting studies on existing hydro power potential in the region, river diversion for agricultural usage and collection of climatological data.
One assumes a climatological study has been carried out on the proposal for floating museums off Holy Island and the architect is aware of the fierce weather that prevails in the area.
This database is unique in science for its combination of attributes: one observer (which reduces errors); very long-term, multiple sites surveyed often; a large number of species (more than 150); and attendant climatological data.
The meteorological and climatological data provide some information about atmospheric characteristics of a region and their influence on human activities.
Participants in a series of conferences on offshore wind and other marine renewable energy in Mediterranean and European Seas contribute 13 studies focusing on the engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and climatological aspects of offshore wind power, primarily in Western Europe.
When complete, this instrument will provide superior-quality climatological data on the upper parts of the atmosphere, and shed light on the dynamics of climate change.
Debate on this subject will continue through 2009 as additional research by experts within the climatological and meteorological fields is peer-reviewed, published and debated on in various science and environmental publications as well at meteorological and climatological association events.
Because every single meteorological society, every national academy of science, and absolutely every heavyweight climatological, meteorological and physical science body bar none seems to disagree with you utterly, Martin.
That said, the lack of rain - it's fallen at only 10 of 114 home games since 1990 - has to share Autzen's climatological glory with something else.