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CLQClique (Commodore 64 demo group)
CLQColima, Colima, Mexico (Airport Code)
CLQConstitutional Law Quarterly
CLQChicken Leg Quarter
CLQChampions League for Quake (gaming)
CLQCoalition Laïcité Québec (French: Quebec Secular Coalition; Quebec, Canada)
CLQCarlos Lopez Quartet (jazz quartet)
CLQOcean Quahog (FAO species code)
CLQColby Library Quarterly (literary magazine at Colby College, Maine)
CLQContact Lenses Quarterly
CLQComputer Literacy Questionnaire
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Two principal groups, distinctly separated from each other, showed the presence of two sets or cliques, two minds even here, in this studio, where one might suppose that rank and fortune would be forgotten.
All persons in society, all cliques in society - or, rather, nearly all persons and cliques - ape their betters.
The nephew of one of the standard Victorian novelists, Mainhall bobbed about among the various literary cliques of London and its outlying suburbs, careful to lose touch with none of them.
What they in sum indicate to is that Turkey has a prime minister and a clique around him who are involved in the gravest corruption scandal in the history of the republic.
If things start to go against you then little cliques appear.
cops was members of an elite gang enforcement team that formed a clique that celebrated police-involved shootings and aggressive policing tactics, the Los Angeles Times (http://latimesblogs.
Dans un deuxieme temps, le fait d'appartenir a une clique de petite taille constituerait un avantage, notamment pour des questions de confiance.
The Dalai Lama clique have made more attempts to split China, a few monks and nuns in the Tibetan-populated regions echoed them at a distance.
We show that there is a major difference in the clique number [omega](G(n, [tau])) between the cases [tau] < 3 and [tau] > 3 with an intermediate result for [tau] = 3.
Club Clique launched in the city five years ago and has gone from being a monthly event in a basement to being a weekly party described as "super-cool" by style bible Elle magazine and named one of the hottest clubs in the country by Mixmag.
In the Kevin Keegan era, players split into cliques when they joined up on international duty - but the ex-Chelsea and Newcastle boss insisted there must be no return to the bad old days of the Mancunian-Merseyside rivalry.
Lemma 1 If the clique number of a graph G equal two, [omega](G) = 2.