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CLQClique (Commodore 64 demo group)
CLQColima, Colima, Mexico (Airport Code)
CLQConstitutional Law Quarterly
CLQChicken Leg Quarter
CLQChampions League for Quake (gaming)
CLQCoalition Laïcité Québec (French: Quebec Secular Coalition; Quebec, Canada)
CLQCarlos Lopez Quartet (jazz quartet)
CLQOcean Quahog (FAO species code)
CLQColby Library Quarterly (literary magazine at Colby College, Maine)
CLQContact Lenses Quarterly
CLQComputer Literacy Questionnaire
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Two principal groups, distinctly separated from each other, showed the presence of two sets or cliques, two minds even here, in this studio, where one might suppose that rank and fortune would be forgotten.
This, combined with her beauty and charm -- a charm acknowledged by all who met her -- promptly opened the gates of all cliques, clubs and classes in Redmond to her; and where she went Anne and Priscilla went, too.
There are cliques in America as elsewhere, Lady Hunstanton.
A subset of the vertices of is called a clique if the induced sub graph of is a complete graph.
I presume he realises that clique is an old French word, but that it's now totally obsolete in their language.
Clique Media has launched a new mobile marketing agency in the MENA region.
En tenant compte des ressources echangees et de la structure des relations, trois effets structuraux ont ete identifies: un premier effet qui tient compte des ressources rares, de leur redistribution et de la creation d'alternatives en dehors de la clique des chercheurs, le second effet concerne l'absence de concurrence entre les chercheurs appartenant a une meme clique alors que le troisieme effet tient compte de l'ouverture relationnelle des chercheurs en dehors de leur clique sans qu'ils soient mis en dependance.
Beijing, March 7 ( ANI ): The Dailai Lama's clique has been warned for instigating separatist activities like self-immolations in a small number of monasteries and disrupting the stably-developing trend in the Tibetan-populated regions, said Li Changping, a member of the standing committee of the Sichuan Committee of the Communist Party of China Wednesday.
The authors in [11] characterize the clique number [omega](G(n, [alpha])) in G(n, [alpha]) and show that [omega](G(n, [alpha])) grows roughly as [n.
The clique in Juba is now desperately trying to mislead public opinion that the long-awaited referendum in Southern Sudan is tied with their continuation in power.
Instead, a rift emerged, allegedly, between a clique of black players and the rest of the team.
Definition 7 A clique of a graph is its maximal complete subgraph.