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SiS selected Ultima ClockWise based on its superior performance in handling large and complex chips and its unique capability of performing useful skew clock tree synthesis.
Designed to avoid potential timing problems, Ultima ClockWise helps designers rapidly achieve timing closure without replacing placement and routing tools.
Again, you need to untangle the cable and crank clockwise to wind it back onto the drum.
Now mount the spare wheel in position and again fit the top stud first finger tight, turning clockwise.
When you fire the howitzer, or use the quick release apparatus, fine tune the valve by turning it clockwise to slow counterrecoil.
We are delighted to welcome Malcolm Hoenlein to our Board of Advisors," said Nir Ronen, CEO of ClockWise Technologies.
Under the terms of the agreement, ClockWise will create a customized version of its popular Win3D product - a 3D interface for the Windows environment - for King com.
Both the anti-clockwise and clockwise carriageways of the motorway between junction 25 at Bredbury and junction 27 at Teviot Way at Stockport will benefit from resurfacing in the final part of a wider, Au1.
Just push in the plunger and rotate the spring adjuster clockwise to release the tension.
Envelopes already rotating clockwise did not reverse their direction.
The needle is rotated (at least 360 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise), transecting the spider vein.