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In Step 1 the driver and follower were both rotated one turn in a clockwise direction.
Clockwise from top left: blue cable roll-neck, EUR24, River Island; grey zip cable-knit jumper, EUR42, M&S; grey cable-knit jumper, EUR30, New Look; pink and navy cable-knit jumper, EUR23, Matalan; black jeans, EUR48, River Island
Clockwise from top left: Skirt, pounds 55, Gap; belt, pounds 15, Freemans; socks, pounds 10, Burlington; knickers, from a selection, Patrick Thompson; top, pounds 40, French Connection; boots, pounds 50, Office; bubble bath, pounds 5.
After they go 2-on-1, the drill will move on to Basket B and then continue clockwise around the court whenever (1) a basket is made, (2) a shot is missed, or (3) the ball goes out of bounds.
Researchers can switch the electrons' direction of polarization back and forth between clockwise and anticlockwise by changing the polarization of the laser light.
affects shopping behavior by making shoppers move clockwise, against
The northbound link road to the M25 clockwise and anti-clockwise carriageways will be closed overnight, between 10pm and 5.
I am sure De Courcy, Harry Shaw and other coach operators, in conjuction with local transport authorities would make mincemeat of organising a ten-minute clockwise and anti-clockwise park and ride from 8am to 7pm to benefit staff, patients and visitors to travel to the hospital, which has for many years been a nightmare.
Using your fingers, tighten the thumb nut by turning it clockwise to lock it into position.
MEXICAN waves go clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere, a study found.
It measures clockwise and counter-clockwise torques with excellent precision and repeatability.
Standard rotation is counter clockwise, while clockwise is optional.