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CLONESCentral Location On-Line Entry System (NANPA)
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This clone, a healthy lamb named Dolly, was born last July, Ian Wilmut of the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland, and his colleagues announce in the Feb.
We asked readers whom they would clone if given the chance, but we weren't prepared for some of your off-the-wall responses.
I am pleased we are now able to distribute these clones globally and so help accelerate progress.
Two new analyses of Dolly's DNA, one conducted by the research group that cloned her and another by an independent team, now concur that it's almost impossible that the sheep is not a clone.
With the launch of EasyClone 384, we are introducing an innovative, unique and truly revolutionary method of clone archiving and purification," said Rob McPheeters, technical marketing manager of Bioscience, Whatman.
ViaGen's staff boasts over 20 years of experience in performing and optimizing cloning techniques and has successfully produced clones in 7 different species.
Though no scientists are known to be trying to clone humans, recent successes with other animals mean such work may not be not far off, and the state needs time to consider its implications, said Sen.
For all intents and purposes, a clone is a carbon copy of the original chromosome donor.
But even if someday millions of clones of one person existed, who is to say that novel technologies wouldn't by then be able to control human pathogens?
Moreover, when the scientists examined skin cells from the clones, they found that the telomeres were longer than those of the original senescent cells and even longer than those of typical newborn calves.
Hailed for its "fast and furious action" (USA Today) and described as "a thrill ride through the world of Star Wars" (San Jose Mercury News), CLONE WARS Volume 1 picks up where Attack of the Clones left off, while Volume 2 leads directly into Revenge of the Sith.
Set in the year 2157 after a devastating plague wipes out all life on the planet, ``Mission Genesis'' follows the lives of six clones whose mission is to repopulate the Earth with their precious cargo of human genetic material.