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CLSDCornwall-Lebanon School District (Lebanon, Pennsylvania)
CLSDCertified Lodging Security Director (American Hotel & Motel Association)
CLSDCraniolenticulosutural Dysplasia
CLSDClay, Some Sand (lithological term)
CLSDColor Large Screen Display
CLSDClutch Limited Slip Differential
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with a voice so full of anguish that the young man opposite closed the shutter.
We cannot take upon ourselves to say whether, through the almost imperceptible chink of the shutter, the young man witnessed the conclusion of this shocking scene; but at the very moment when they were hanging the two martyrs on the gibbet he passed through the terrible mob, which was too much absorbed in the task, so grateful to its taste, to take any notice of him, and thus he reached unobserved the Tol-Hek, which was still closed.
Monseigneur," replied the Captain, "this is the third gate at which I have presented myself; the other two were closed.
The last crevice had closed, and for a long year that hideous chamber would retain its secret from the eyes of men.
There could, then, be but one choice and acting upon it Gahan quietly opened the door again, stepped through into the adjoining chamber, Tara's hand in his, and closed the door behind them.
The following Rite-Aid stores were closed temporarily last year by the Ventura County Environmental Health Department for a variety of code health violations:
No students or staff members were present because the school was closed for Veterans Day.
Southbound Golden State Freeway at McBean Parkway, the off-ramp will be closed from 9 a.
Tammany Parish, the Mandeville, Gause Boulevard and Military Road offices have already closed today.
The Backbone Trail between Coral Canyon Road and Kanan Road is closed to all but hikers.
In addition, all non-branch offices in the southern part of Texas are closed today and will remain closed through the weekend.
We have recently closed a $10 million mezzanine loan on a townhouse project they are doing in Key West, plus we are exploring equity opportunities with them here in Biloxi as well as in Mexico and Charlotte, where we are based.