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CODECooperative Development Environment
CODECampaign for an Open Digital Environment
CODECanadian Organization for Development Through Education
CODECollaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
CODECouncil of Ontario Directors of Education
CODEClient/Server Open Development Environment
CODEConfederation Of Dental Employers
CODECollaborative Distance Education
CODECentre of Digital Enterprise (University of Auckland Business School)
CODECrude Oil Data Exchange
CODEConference Of Diocesan Executives
CODECoherent Digital Exciter
CODEComisión Oaxaqueña de Defensa Ecológica (Spanish: Oaxacan Green Defense Commission; Mexico)
CODECommon Operating Digital Environment
CODECorporate Outplacement Declaration of Ethics
CODEComputers Our Dreaded Enemy :-)
CODECoordinators Of Data Processing Education
CODECouncil of Ontario Drama and Dance in Education
CODECommittee on Disordered Eating (Manitoba, Canada)
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But it has been found by the wisest of our Circles or Statesmen that the multiplication of restrictions on Females tends not only to the debilitation and diminution of the race, but also to the increase of domestic murders to such an extent that a State loses more than it gains by a too prohibitive Code.
The same gentleman had given them a code of laws, to which they conformed with scrupulous fidelity.
The grand principles of virtue and honour, however they may be distorted by arbitrary codes, are the same all the world over: and where these principles are concerned, the right or wrong of any action appears the same to the uncultivated as to the enlightened mind.
This intelligence, whether true or false, so roused the fiery temper of M'Lellan, that he swore, if ever he fell in with Lisa in the Indian country, he would shoot him on the spot; a mode of redress perfectly in unison with the character of the man, and the code of honor prevalent beyond the frontier.
A reference to the Code will show that you were fined on the lower scale.
Send off those telegrams at once - the new code, not the old - mine and Wharton's.
The Law of the Jungle--which is by far the oldest law in the world--has arranged for almost every kind of accident that may befall the Jungle People, till now its code is as perfect as time and custom can make it.
In the code of military etiquette silence and fixity are forms of deference.
Between the mother, with her fast-perishing lumber of superstitions, folk-lore, dialect, and orally transmitted ballads, and the daughter, with her trained National teachings and Standard knowledge under an infinitely Revised Code, there was a gap of two hundred years as ordinarily understood.
But, as it was against all the rules of their code that the mother and son should ever allude to what was uppermost in their thoughts, he simply replied: "Oh, well, there's always a phase of family parties to be gone through when one gets engaged, and the sooner it's over the better.
Nature is not democratic, nor limited-monarchical, but despotic, and will not be fooled or abated of any jot of her authority by the pertest of her sons; and as fast as the public mind is opened to more intelligence, the code is seen to be brute and stammering.
At that moment Boris clearly realized what he had before surmised, that in the army, besides the subordination and discipline prescribed in the military code, which he and the others knew in the regiment, there was another, more important, subordination, which made this tight-laced, purple-faced general wait respectfully while Captain Prince Andrew, for his own pleasure, chose to chat with Lieutenant Drubetskoy.