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COGCaught Off Guard (chat/email)
COGChildren's Oncology Group
COGCouncil of Governments
COGChurch of God
COGCenter Of Gravity
COGChip On Glass
COGContinuity Of Government
COGRepublic of the Congo (ISO Country code)
COGCost Of Goods
COGChild of God
COGCity of God
COGCoke Oven Gas
COGCourse Over Ground
COGComponent Obsolescence Group
COGCoalition of Ordered Governments (Gears of War)
COGCity of Glass
COGCouncil of Governors
COGClusters of Orthologous Groups
CoGCommodity Grid (Kits)
COGConcours Owners Group (Kawasaki Concours motorcycle)
COGCANDU Owners Group
COGCost of Gain (in feedyards, cost of cattle divided by pounds gained)
COGConvenience Of the Government
COGCognizance Symbol
COGCluster of Orthologous Groups (genetics)
COGCustomer-Owned Goods
COGCoalition of Organized Governments (Gears of War)
COGCenter of Government
COGCorporal Of the Guard
COGCertificate of Graduation
COGCampaign for Open Government
COGCommander Operations Group (National Training Center, Ft Irwin, CA, USA)
COGCollaborative Operations Group (Disaster Management Interoperability Services DMIS)
COGCanada Organic Growers (organic agriculture association)
COGChief of the Guard
COGCentralized Ordering Group
COGCurrent Operations Group
COGCombined Operations Group
COGCommon Offset Gather (reflection seismology, GPR)
COGCongress of Gamers (conference)
CoGCommunion of Gurhal (Phantasy Star Universe)
COGCompliance Order Guidance
COGCovenant of the Goddess organization
COGContingency Operations Group
COGCIS Oil and Gas
COGCommunication and Outreach Action Group
COGChernobyl Orphan Group (UK)
CoGChamber of Gray (Star-Wars forum)
COGCentralized Operations Groups
COGColumbia Owners Group
COGCTF Oversight Group
COGCentral Organization Groups
COGCode Officiel Géographique (French: Official Geographic Code)
COGClub Omnisports Gargenville (French sports club)
COGCaptain of the Guard
COGCulture of Giving (Boulder, CO)
COGCommunity Organizing Group
COGCentre Opérationnel de la Gendarmerie (French police operational center)
COGChemical, Oil and Gas (industry sector)
COGConvention d'Objectifs et de Gestion (French: Agreement on Objectives and Management)
COGCommonwealth Observer Group (various locations)
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Happy Cog also this month won four Interactive Media Awards for its work with Zappos.
CMM testing of COG project samples will begin in January 2008; Phase I may be completed as early as spring.
The vast literature on the COG reflects a variety of individual and service perspectives.
It is possible, perhaps probable, that Cog is successful because its systems are, at a most primitive level, mimicking our systems.
The state of an individual's balance is described in terms of the angular displacement of the COG from the gravitational vertical.
Because the needs of every business are different, our clients have the option of utilizing COG for specialized consulting services or contract us for their mainstay day-to-day back office operations.
3) This theme has continued throughout Army doctrine up through its latest doctrinal revision describing COG as a "focal point" for campaigns and major operations.
press conference broadcast to the nation by C-SPAN, a COG panel issued a report and kicked off the current push for constitutional "reform.
COG holds indirectly the entire equity interest of China Orienwise Limited ("COL" or the "Company").
Contract notice: Enterprise framework contracts metro railcar some special forgEvEiz- or csatlEis alkatreszeinek- and improve cog csatlEisEinak vehicles.
14, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- COG Publish Limited (COG as abbr.