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It indicated 4 m of colluvium and/or sand diamicton overlying highly broken granodiorite to 52 m depth.
Much of the landscape consists of colluvium, stone stripes, frost polygons, and associated cryoturbation features.
These soils belong to the soil orders Inceptisol and Entisol, respectively, are both poorly- and well-drained, underlain by permafrost, and commonly form in gravely colluvium.
The right bank is composed by alluvial sediments and alluvial colluvium unconsolidated and associated to Parana river and tributaries, form an extensive fluvial plain with a complex of tributaries, secondary channels, marshes, lakes and marginal levees (SOUZA FILHO; STEVAUX, 1997).
The targeted BIF is part of the Robinson Range Formation and is mostly under colluvium cover and represents a potentially new source area for the project.
This area is underlain mainly by quartzofeldspathic schist (Orocopia Schist), sandstone and argillite (Winterhaven Formation), rhyolite porphyry, conglomerate, basalt, sand and gravel, and colluvium.
Stream beds are generally a sorted mixture of colluvium and rough alluvium.
Peninsula de Nicoya: Five localities (Hacienda las Animas, Nicoya, Quiriman, Barra Honda and San Fernando) yield proboscidean fossils from surficial alluvium, colluvium and/or swamp sediments (Alvarado, 1986: Lucas et al.
Others are on less deeply weathered colluvium and gravel.
Gray and Forrest purchased the property outright from Roderick and Lyda Dallas's daughter, Hellen Dallas Read, in 1987 and continued to work the colluvium for specimens until it was exhausted in 1996, and attention was turned back to exploring for veins in place.
The upper sands (J2/1-J2/4) (layer I) are an unconsolidated pale fine-grained colluvium derived by slope-wash from the top of the sandstone ridge.
The Interior Plateau Ecoregion, which was never glaciated, is an area with Quaternary loess, colluvium and alluvium underlain with Mississippian and Pennsylvanian shale, sandstone, and limestone (Woods et al.