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KKing (playing cards, chess)
KBlack (in CMYK color space)
KKindergarten (as in K-12)
KKelvin (thermodynamic temperature scale)
KKosher (symbol on food labels)
KKilo- (thousand)
KKalium (Potassium)
KSpecial K (cereal)
KOver (logging abbreviation)
KQue (Spanish)
KKiller (type of white blood cell)
KCapital (economics)
KK-Mart (store)
KCarrying Capacity (population studies)
KKerry (Irish car registration)
KCologne (auto license plate)
KKey Generator
KEastern Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
KKompressor (band)
KKappa (receptor)
KKicker (football)
KLysine (amino acid)
KPermeability (physics)
KCathode (electronics)
KKetamine (animal tranquilizer/disassociative)
KKorpus (Russian, building; used in postal addresses)
KKnit Stitch
KKerrang! (British Magazine and TV Channel)
KPhylloquinone (vitamin)
KK Language (Unix-Based programming language)
KKell Blood Group
KKey/Black (printing ink in CMYK model)
KBoltzman Constant
KCoefficient of Thermal Conductivity
KKilohm (unit of electrical resistance; also seen as Kiloohm)
KKiloohm (resistor; electronics schematics)
KLudwig von Köchel (publisher of catalog of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
KKlebsiella Pneumoniae Serotype
KFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
KKeratometric Reading (contact lens fitting term)
KKellogg's Corp (stock symbol)
KConfidential Cryptographic (TMINS)
KUS Offices in China Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
KTanker Aircraft Designation (US military, as in KC-10)
KWreck Less Than $50 Damage (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
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BAYERN MUNICH warmed up for their two cup finals by relegating Cologne on the last day of the Bundesliga season.
imm cologne is the central meeting place for exhibitors and decision-makers from all the world's important markets.
A report to go before city bosses states that: "Our aim is to use the range of relationships Liverpool has in Germany, but, in particular, the 60th anniversary of our twin city relationship with Cologne, to develop a programme to promote Liverpool using Cologne and its region as a major platform for delivering our activity.
In addition to all of this, the charms of Cologne as a trade fair city are undisputed and the infrastructure for both exhibitors and visitors is perfect.
The big cats rubbed, sniffed, pawed, and otherwise thoroughly enjoyed the designer cologne.
In summer, a boat trip on the Rhine is a must while buses take tourists around the city's COLOGNE highlights.
The brand portfolio of Atelier Cologne North America includes Van Cleef & Arpels Parfums; Feerie, which launched exclusively with Neiman Marcus Group; Alford & Hoff, a luxury men's skin care brand; Strange Invisible Perfumes; Balmain, a French perfumery brand; and Pure Altitude, an organic skin care line from Fermes de Marie Spas in France.
But they say such a large mosque has no place in traditionally Roman Catholic Cologne.
But most significant is London's four-year-old Frieze, which is now generating 40m [pounds sterling] of sales one month before Art Cologne.
The notion that artistic competence might span mediums has been familiar since Conceptualism's early days, but had not made inroads in Cologne (or perhaps had been successfully repressed).
Cologne is famous for its twin-spired cathedral, its Rhine panorama and the Eau de Cologne to which it gave its name.