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COLMColorado National Monument (US National Park Service)
COLMConservation of Linear Momentum
COLMCommittee On Lay Ministry
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When you search a single column for words with which to express your meaning, you can hardly expect to get everything you want.
Perhaps a four-line sermon in a Saturday paper is the sufficient German equivalent of the eight or ten columns of sermons which the New-Yorkers get in their Monday morning papers.
At the same instant the mighty portal swung wide and the head of the Kaolian column emerged.
Whilst Aylward had been speaking, a strong column of archers had defiled through the pass beneath them.
Hunt caused a huge pyre of pine wood to be made, which soon sent up a great column of flame that might be seen far and wide over the prairies.
They tumbled teams about with a fine feeling that it was no matter so long as their column got to the front in time.
By this time the column on the street was almost on us.
I was the last to leave the chamber of the submarine, and as I followed the rear of the column toward the corridor, I moved through water to my knees.
The herd, as the column spread and thickened, was like the endless flocks of the smaller birds, whose extended flanks are so often seen to heave up out of the abyss of the heavens, until they appear as countless as the leaves in those forests, over which they wing their endless flight.
The entire column had passed out of sight: the straight white road lay bare and desolate in the moonlight!
D'Arnot gave a warning shout to his column as the blacks closed on him, but before he could draw his revolver he had been pinioned and dragged into the jungle.
It had fifty-four columns around it, but only six are standing now--the others lie broken at its base, a confused and picturesque heap.