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COMBCenter of Marine Biotechnology (University of Maryland)
COMBCommonwealth Ombudsman (Australia)
COMBCanadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau (Toronto, Ontario)
COMBCollegi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
COMBCommunity Bankshares, Inc (Delaware; stock symbol)
COMBCovenant Mutual Benefits Plan
COMBClub Olympique Multisport Bagneux (French: Bagneux Multisport Olympic Club; Bagneux, France)
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The other point of difference is, the greater number of citizens and extent of territory which may be brought within the compass of republican than of democratic government; and it is this circumstance principally which renders factious combinations less to be dreaded in the former than in the latter.
It is always some combination of effects which produces this result, and never a concrete form.
blue, yellow, red, white, and black), yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen.
No one of these terms, in and by itself, involves an affirmation; it is by the combination of such terms that positive or negative statements arise.
Impelled by the combination of Misfortunes under which I laboured, namely Fear, Cold and Hunger I hesitated not to ask admittance which at length I have gained; and now my Adorable Laura (continued he taking my Hand) when may I hope to receive that reward of all the painfull sufferings I have undergone during the course of my attachment to you, to which I have ever aspired.
It seemed to me that there could be no well-grounded knowledge without this preliminary operation of placing myself in relations, as slightly as possible modified by elements proceeding from a different combination of causes, with the spontaneous home- life of the country.
If a man so temper his actions, as in some one of them he doth content every faction, or combination of people, the music will be the fuller.
Slowly he turned the pages, scanning the pictures and the text for a repetition of the combination B-O-Y.
This combination of Austrian precision with Russian valor- what more could be wished for?
It's the combination that's odd-- books and stockings.
The Highwayman was so pleased with the Traveller's philosophy and wit that he took him into partnership, and this splendid combination of talent started a newspaper.
Here in the factory was combination, and before it competition faded away.