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COMBINEComputer Models for the Building Industry in Europe
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Crow, for example, criticizes Cage and Steinberg for refusing to singularize specific iconographic elements in their pioneering analyses of the Combines--a refusal indispensable both to Cage's conception of the Combine as an assembly of indifferent differences and to Steinberg's famous concept of the "flatbed picture plane"--and he laments that Rauschenberg's choice of individual elements is "ruled out of serious consideration in most quarters," a somewhat disingenuous claim given the decoding frenzy I've already mentioned.
The first is where an owner already owns an apartment and wants to purchase and combine an adjoining apartment.
April 2004--letters are mailed to owners of competitive combines reintroducing them to "The New Superpower of Harvesting" while also reminding them of favorable tax-depreciation laws and the advantages of buying a new John Deere combine.
Chop remaining onions and combine in a bowl with miso, vinegar, mirin, lime zest, juice and yuzu kosho.
The 150-page Combine Report, containing each athlete's performance in addition to his home address, high school, and academic information are then sent to every Division I-A, I-AA, II, III, JUCO, and NAIA head coach in the nation.
And although visitors will not deny the excitement of being the first to start their very own 60 Series combine, it's the John Deere spirit that makes first-time buyers and lifetime buyers return time and again.
For the sauce: In a small bowl, combine creme fraiche, lemon juice and heavy cream.
Applying paragraph 30, the auditor combines the end-of-period overstatement of receivables ($60) with the beginning-of-period understatement of receivables ($70).
After his first year of college, Carter realized his goals were less academic in nature and he decided to combine scholastics with his practical know-how; "I always knew I wanted to be in this business, but didn't know I wanted to be a chef.
Combine all ingredients; shake and serve over ice or straight up.
Ducasse likes bitter things and I like sweet things, so I decided to combine these flavors, Berger no tes.
Combine preserves, chili sauce, horseradish and mustard.