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COMBISComputing for Molecular Biology Information Service
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With a combi, you only have to find room for the boiler itself - there's no hot-water cylinder or expansion tank, although some combis have built-in tanks, which can give the higher flow rates needed in bigger properties.
German heating systems manufacturer, the Viessmann Group, is nearing completion of its gas condensing combi factory in Turkey s Manisa province in the Aegean region.
FIAT Professional has just launched a new three-year unlimited mileage warranty offer across its awardwinning Doblo Cargo and Combi range.
Both standard on-demand and combi boilers are highly popular in Europe, where in some countries the market share is 70%.
The 757 combis have a 34 percent lower fuel burn, ten more passenger seats and the same number of cargo pallet positions as the DC-8 combis they will replace.
Combis, whose permanent home is Klamath Falls, and Crawford, who lives across the street from the motel, were taken by Life Flight helicopter Tuesday to the Oregon Burn Center at Portland's Legacy Emanuel Hospital.
These combis -- the first of their kind in the world -- are uniquely designed to meet the needs of both cargo customers and passengers throughout the state of Alaska," said Bill MacKay, Alaska Airlines' senior vice president for the state of Alaska.
The companies will work together to establish interoperability between SCK protocol and Henny Penny's fryers, combi ovens, holding cabinets, and blast chillers, with Henny Penny to embed the protocol into its process controls, for which FAST will provide SCK Direct communications technology.
District Court Judge Michael Hogan sentenced Combis then to 57 months in prison after a plea bargain in which Combis pleaded guilty to payroll tax evasion and mail and bankruptcy fraud.
Thus, the store that doesn't actually cook any product on site, but simply thaws and/or reheats product from a foodservice manufacturer or a central commissary, would also need cooking equipment, whether it be a conventional oven, convection oven, combi oven or a microwave oven.