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COMBISComputing for Molecular Biology Information Service
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From 2014, Viessmann plans to up the production to 200,000 units and will ultimately shift the entire combi production to its Manisa plant, relying on local suppliers for parts and components.
The new Doblo comes in eight different versions - Cargo, Cargo Maxi, Cargo SX, Cargo Maxi SX, Combi, Combi Maxi, Platform Cab and Work Up.
The six-seater Combi has a dual front passengers' bench seat, rear bench seat for three passengers and single sliding door on the nearside, while the nine-seater model features a dual front passengers' bench seat plus second and third-row rear bench seats.
Target: Combis usluge integracija informatickih tehnologija doo
One type of cooking equipment that has undergone such modification is the combi oven, a combination of a convection oven and a steamer.
The 757 combis have a 34 percent lower fuel burn, ten more passenger seats and the same number of cargo pallet positions as the DC-8 combis they will replace.
With a combi, you only have to find room for the boiler itself - there's no hot-water cylinder or expansion tank, although some combis have built-in tanks, which can give the higher flow rates needed in bigger properties.
Outside, lying in the grass, were Ted Combis, 62, and Terry Crawford, 55, both badly burned and in shock.
More Partner Combis are appearing onUK roads with sign-writing on them, making the point that not all small business owners can afford both a van and a car, so the Combi is the perfect compromise