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CMTSComments (US DoD)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System (Cisco)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System
CMTSCentralized Maintenance Test System
CMTSCellular Mobile Telephone Service
CMTSConsulting Member of Technical Staff (various organizations)
CMTSClinical Trial Management System (software)
CMTSComputerized Maintenance Test System (NASA)
CMTSCompliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMTSCheyenne Mountain Training System
CMTSChange Management Tracking System
CMTSControl and Monitor Test Set
CMTSCarrier Transmission Maintenance System (Alcatel)
CMTSCommissioner's Mail Tracking System
CMTSCentral Maintenance Test Set
CMTSChicago Metropolitan Trauma Society
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7 million comments submitted to the FCC during the recent public commenting period.
However, the feature received a lot of flak as it also took away the ability to manage comments from the YouTube Inbox and moved comment notices to alerts instead, Tech Crunch reports.
The Palo Alto, California, social networking giant unveiled an updated Comments Box plug-in that websites can use to replace the system they currently use to display comments from readers.
That's why we are pleased to announce two cool new improvements to Blogger's comments system: much better spam filtering and the ability to view all comments on your blog in one place.
CLINTON - In an ironic twist to the political process, residents attended the Board of Selectmen meeting Wednesday night and took the opportunity for public comment to comment on the very institution of public comment.
When referees turned in their anonymous comments on a submitted report, it was moved from the Web site and the comment period closed.
Lucchesi also offered comments on Announcement 200650, which sets forth a proposed revenue procedure listing 21 areas with descriptions of 48 activities that qualify as specified covered services.
For example, cities can set rules limiting comment periods and even the tone of comments, Sonenshein said.
The last thing the world needs at this difficult moment is someone like Robertson offering these kinds of incendiary comments.
Charitable governance: On July 22, 2004, the AICPA submitted comments on the Senate Finance Committee's (SFC's) staff discussion draft of legislation on charitable governance.
The second ANPR solicits public comments on ways the Board should implement amendments to TILA made by the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (Bankruptcy Act).
I recently read about someone who sent a client a sensitive Word document that had been edited many times using Track Changes and Comments.