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COMMUTECommon Methodology for Multimodal Transport Environmental Impact Assessment (EU urban planning strategy)
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And more low-paid workers are facing longer and costlier commutes.
Lengthy commutes have already been linked to poor mental and physical health, including hypertension, obesity, low-energy and illness-related work absences.
In contrast, the Liverpool commute is only 42 minutes and costs PS72 a month on average, with Liverpudlian workers only notching up 7,532 hours of travel in a lifetime.
Long commute times can be a burden on workers and affect employee happiness and productivity.
Those with hourlong commutes each way need to make 40% more money to be satisfied in life than do those who live near the office.
The Dallas-Fort Worth region is ranked among the top five most congested metropolitan areas, and those with longer commutes may be more likely to be exposed to heavy traffic resulting in higher stress levels and more time sitting," said Dr.
A long commute may make matters worse for American workers who are "actively disengaged" at work, but is not associated with more daily stress and worry for "engaged" workers.
A-1 Builders and Adaptations Design Studio received a Commute Smart Small Employer Champion award for their program that offers financial incentives for employees who walk, bike, share rides or ride the bus to work.
For a 40-mile round-trip commute this comes to $22.
Co-author and economist Professor Jennifer Roberts, from the University of Sheffield, said: "We know that women, especially those with children, are more likely to add daily errands to their commute, such as food shopping and dropping off and picking up children from childcare.
Chris Gregoire recently recognized the employers and communities across the state who contribute to traffic reduction by supporting commute trip reduction programs.
London - which boasts an extensive tube network - came third in the commute survey, with the average journey to work and back lasting 52 minutes.