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The causes which have been specified produced at first only unequal and disproportionate degrees of compliance with the requisitions of the Union.
He received my proposition with more compliance than is usual among writers, especially those of the projecting species, professing "he would be glad to receive further information.
Once the policies and procedures are in place for your compliance program, you need to be assured that your backups continue to be successful and complete.
These improvements result in much more workable compliance deadline requirements and will add considerable flexibility to allow the installation of cost-effective controls for meeting the emission limits.
The 1996 act, circular A-133 and the compliance supplement cover all state and local governments and not-for-profit organizations.
As the Subcommittee well knows, in my prior position as IRS Deputy Commissioner, I played an active role in the development and early implementation of Compliance 2000.
a leading provider of Intelligent Networking solutions that enable organizations to control, manage and scale their networks, announced today that TELUS is the first telecommunications service provider to select its new automated Policy-Based Compliance Management solution for increasingly complex, large-scale heterogeneous network environments.
I understand how easy it is to dismiss corporate compliance as just one more onerous burden laid on providers by an out-of-control federal government.
Communicate to the audit committee or the individuals with whom they have contracted for the audit the auditor's responsibilities in a financial statement audit, including responsibilities for testing and reporting on internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations and the nature of any additional testing of these areas required by laws and regulations.
Enterprises are increasingly looking for ways to increase compliance while at the same time reducing costs and risk.
These systems are usually not subject to corporations' standard controls, and are in fact usually not even tracked, either by IT departments or by the departments responsible for regulatory compliance.
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