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COMPOComponent Code
COMPOCouncil of Motion Picture Organizations (Hollywood, CA)
COMPOCreator of Music Performance Organization (est. 2003; Hong Kong)
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The partnership with VEB Innovations will allow Compo to make use of VEB groups contacts and infrastructure throughout the world, which will facilitate its entrance to international markets, the startup believes.
But there was a fear of the reaction between strontium and fluoride that could cause crystallization when they both were incorporated together in glass COMPO 2.
To millions of viewers, Bill Owen was the loveable clown Compo on the long-running BBC comedy, Last of the Summer Wine.
Tom Owen, son of Bill - who played lovable rogue Compo - is coming to Solihull Arts Complex on March 21.
On the left, Bill Owen, Summer Wine's Compo, gum-booted, woolly-hatted scruff, the irredeemable reprobate sent steaming with welly-melting lust at the sight of Norah Batty's wrinkled surgical support stockings.
Compo has been with DuPont for 15 years and moves from his position as director of DuPont Ventures.
said Thursday it will launch all-new versions of its Step Wagon minivans and motorized bicycle Step Compo on Friday.
TAYLOR, Texas-Intercraft, the $370 million-plus photo frame behemoth, acquired Pedrosa, manufacturer of compo pasta frame products, on Oct.
But the antics of young-at-heart OAPs, Clegg, Compo and Foggy (Peter Sallis, Bill Owen and Brian Wilde, above), proved a hit with viewers, and at its peak Last of The Summer Wine had more than 18 million viewers in stitches.
I can't imagine what Compo would have made of that, but doubtless somebody will tell me.
and the Milwaukee Economic Development Corp, Milwaukees metal fabricator Compo Steel Products Inc.
And let's not forget that when a punter DOES a bit of DIY policing - like clobbering a burglar who is threatening his family - he's likely to end up in jail while the crook gets compo.