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CONCConcession (Canada Post road designation)
CONCConcentric (reducers)
CONCCost of Non-Conformance
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Any potential production impact will be assessed once the concentrator has restarted.
From smartphone screens to skyscrapers, clear solar concentrators could be used for a variety of applications and eliminate the wasted space of a solar array.
The planar HOE solar concentrator would form a rainbow 'needle' focus along a linear array of photovoltaic cells; and cells.
Secondary concentrators surrounding each cell compensate for misalignments that occur as a tracking device keeps the modules aimed at the continuously changing position of the sun and as the modules' components contract and expand during the season and climate changes.
This portable oxygen concentrator technology has been instantiated many times over, but in a most compelling manner by Inogen as the Inogen oxygen concentrator which represents a technological breakthrough.
In short, the IP-optimized DSL concentrator combines the power of IP intelligence with a little help from ATM's quality-of-service capabilities to offer a simple, elegant, all-in-one solution for provisioning Internet service and on-demand video service in MDU buildings.
When successfully commercialized, a HyperSolar concentrator delivering 400% light magnification can reduce the number of solar cells in a solar panel by 75%, thereby dramatically reducing the cost per watt of solar electricity.
By aggregating bandwidth from a bundle of T1 or fractional T1 circuits, multimegabit access concentrators enable NxT1 service that offers secure and symmetrical transport with low latency.
Since Sol-X2 utilizes a proprietary internal concentrator, the modules are dimensionally equivalent to standard flat plate modules and don't require a complex tracking mechanism.
A service provider chooses a high-speed WAN connection for an MTU such as a T1 line and connects it to the access concentrator in the wiring closet.
Silicon Valley Solar announced today that they have secured a 10MW purchase order for the company's Sol-X2, internal concentrator solar modules.
DC-1000/SL Data Concentrator Dramatically Lowers Installed Costs, Offers Enhanced Features, and Maximizes Installation Flexibility