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CONCEPTConsolidated Community Emissions Processing Tool (emissions modeling)
CONCEPTConsortium of Nursing, Clinical, Educational and Professional Teams
CONCEPTConsortium for Computer Education and Programmer Training (est. 1984)
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Concept maps are intended to represent meaningful relationships between concepts in the form of propositions.
While there are no plans to bring the WTCC to production in its current form, Lyons says GM could easily build a car close to the concept in a few years.
feminists, homosexuals) who, with public financial assistance, are working actively at ensuring that the recreational concept is thoroughly embodied in our law system.
Additionally, alongside the Fine-X and i-swing, Toyota will display the ESTIMA HYBRID CONCEPT, a next-generation hybrid minivan with improved performance, as well as other concept vehicles and technology exhibits.
Browning quickly provided seed money when we approached him with a compelling concept that might have broad defense applications.
Yet discussions of personal frameworks collapsing, and the greater self-understanding needed to emerge from breakdown, maintained strong connection with core features in the past, helping also to explain why, even amid fashionable emphasis on stress and depression, the concept might still serve.
The open-endedness of the new strategic concept is startling.
The most publicized aspect of alternative officing is the change in the concept of the physical workplace.
Jiada Hu, Concept Ventures new Chief Executive Officer, transferred 864,486 shares of Concept Ventures common stock to the same investors in exchange for $1,850,000.
Boeing initially studied the design concept for a commercial passenger jetliner capable of holding 800 passengers.
Consequently, however communication scholars, for example, understand and use the concept of 'knowledge,' they will also apply the concept in ways that are conditioned by their specific communities, sex-role identities, and power distribution in society (Farrell, 1976; Nelson & Megill, 1986; Stehr, 1994).
com), an IT market research group, has historically maintained that KM is a concept in need of development rather than a practical reality and does not sufficiently stress the importance of document management technologies.