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After 2012, the EU cut Iran oil purchase and Asian countries had to decrease Iranian oil import gradually, which led to decreasing Iranian oil and gas condensate export to 1.
The system's gas, sulphur and condensate are supplied to LUKoil Overseas Supply & Trading Ltd which sells the high-quality liquid to the refinery.
In Qatargas' case, its condensate production is the result of producing gas from the famous North Field Dome.
However, Hi-line says its ConSEP range of condensate cleaners treat the condensate with flocculants and activated carbon in an adsorption phase and this purifies the condensate, so providing a clean water solution which is clean enough to supersede local water authority regulations which stipulate a contaminant content of less than 5mg/litre.
BKEP intends to convert a portion of its existing Oklahoma Mainline System to meet growing demand for dedicated condensate service.
Iran has had to store tens of millions of barrels of oil, mostly condensate from its South Pars gas fields, onboard ships due to a drop in China's demand over the summer and an outage at a major plant.
According to the companies, the design capacity of the ORV Condensate Pipeline will be dependent upon the level of interest shown by potential committed shippers during the open season.
Addressing the new supply-demand dynamics and changing outlook for condensate splitters and naphtha imports, the forum will encompass key market trends including current condensate supply in Qatar, the US and other Middle Eastern regions, refining and splitter operations, condensate and feedstock pricing, global naphtha outlook, naphtha shipping routes and outlook for the petrochemicals industry.
Shana, the Oil Ministry's news agency, quoted Zanganeh as saying, "The embargo on selling gas condensate was in effect beforehand and it has just been announced officially, but it has not had any decisive impact on gas condensate sales.
Now, Iran's Custom Administration's monthly report covering a period from March 21 to June 22, says that Iran exported 5,784 tons or 522,425 barrels per day of gas condensate during the first quarter of Iran's fiscal year.
The Sofiya-2 exploration well is located in the Mehar exploration license in the Sindh Province of Pakistan, around 10 km north of the Mehar gas and condensate field.
Shafi Moazeni said that the gas condensates produced in the first phase are directed towards storage reservoirs after passing through two gas condensate stabilizing unit.