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According to the StreetEasy Condo Price Index, condo prices are 11.
The key factors to re-energize condo interest: Private initiatives and economic trends should improve the condo lending market while at the same time creating more demand for the condo product.
The market was called everything from a gold mine to a condo craze to a condo circus.
In order to qualify for the principal residence exemption, the condo must meet the definition of principal residence.
Furthermore, many condo and co-op owners do not realize that, under a master deed, they may be responsible for covering the cost of damage to the interior portions of their unit: kitchen cabinetry, appliances, bathroom fixtures, flooring, interior walls, ceilings, windows, exterior doors and electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.
To satisfy demand, housing supply has been rising all along, yet accelerating new condo construction and conversion is a more recent phenomenon.
Home purchasers' appetite for new condo offerings will remain strong, because their tendency to prefer condos in central Tokyo to those in the capital's outlying areas will remain,'' the analyst said.
It's a lot better to have a smaller condo in a good area than a bigger condo in a bad area," Davis says.
The smallest condos on the 40th floor start at $480,000.
The three new projects will give us another 200 condo units.
Traditional real estate web sites list individual condo units and not the actual condominium buildings, making it very difficult to do an 'apples to apples' comparison of one unit to another or one building to another building," said Casey Sullivan, CEO of CondoCompare, Inc.
para]]Majority of condos in Midtown West and Lower East Side sold for above initial asking prices, according to the StreetEasy Manhattan Condo Market Report[[/para]]