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CONDCondominium (postcode use, Puerto Rico)
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Under a contract of lease, the owner binds himself to allow you to enjoy or use his condominium unit for a price certain and for a period which may or may not be definite.
The Condominium Concept offers the reader a practical analysis of the requirements of Florida's Condominium Act and the rules of the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes that govern condominium living.
Much to Peter's dismay, the court granted the Association's exception of no cause of action, holding that he failed to state a claim against the Dapper Department Store Condominium Association.
Rules and policies approved by the condominium board or owners at an annual general meeting are not bylaws and cannot be enforced like bylaws.
In addition, 45 Park Avenue features 16 self-park condominium garage spaces available for purchase- a very unique offering for a luxury development in Manhattan.
Within a half-hour of deciding to sell their condominium, she and her husband learned they were selected to be on the show.
A contactless palm vein authentication device is to be installed at the front entrance of the Condominium as part of the auto-lock system.
Lakeshore at Andersen Springs was Chandler's first condominium conversion, arriving at the market in October of 2005.
Even for those of us who live, eat, breath and practice real estate, it would be simplistic to think that Cuomo's entire focus as attorney general will be on making condominium construction, development, sponsorship and sales a smooth and cost-efficient process.
The median price of a condominium is $173,000 and the median price of a single family home is $365,000.