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CONFConfiguration File (Unix file extension)
CONFChattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (Gainesville, GA)
CONFConference Call
CONFConfiguration Failure
CONFContracting Flight (US Air Force)
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They do indeed produce similar effects with exercise; for they strengthen and confirm the mind, till man becomes, in the noble strain of Horace--
This instance is selected from among a multitude that might be cited to confirm the truth already advanced and illustrated by domestic examples; which is, that nations pay little regard to rules and maxims calculated in their very nature to run counter to the necessities of society.
He fully confirms what I suspected, though; and blunt tools are sometimes found of use, where sharper instruments would fail.
writes word that she could not get the young lady to assign any cause for her extraordinary conduct, which confirms me in my own previous explanation of it, Frederica is too shy, I think, and too much in awe of me to tell tales, but if the mildness of her uncle should get anything out of her, I am not afraid.
We are intensifying our monitoring there in south and, as of now, we cannot confirm the presence of foreign terrorists but there are homegrown terrorists, there in the south.
South Africa and West Indies are yet to confirm their entries but hopefully they will do so in the days to come,' he said.