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CONSConnection-Oriented Network Services
CONSChurch of the New Song (US prison religion)
CONSCoagulase Negative Streptococci
CONSCarrier Operated Noise Suppression
CONSCoagulase Negative Staphylococci
CONSConstruction Technology (course)
CONSContracting Squadron
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Staffordshire Moorlands: Con 5172, Lab 4231, Lib Dem 1838.
Siempre trabaja Odebrecht con un socio norteamericano en Estados Unidos?
Approaching the subject interview with the focused goal of obtaining a confession may not prove practical in cases targeting experienced con artists.
If you are but one of a cluster at the end, Con Edison will help by going around and trying to pick off the entire group through marketing efforts - and your Conversion Cost Incentive will be reflective of where you are, and whether or not your whole cluster exits the DC system.
Volkswagen, ford, Fiat y General Motors, los principales exportadores del pais, estan respondiendo a una caida del 20% en la exportacion de autos durante el primer semestre de 2002, en comparacion con el mismo periodo del ano pasado.
The Con Edison spokesperson said the increase was actually filed with the PSC in September 1997, but was merely noted in a paragraph that annotated other changes with regard to deregulation.
Las clausulas de arbitraje merecen ser tratadas con sumo cuidado en cualquier contrato internacional de negocios para asegurar que constituyan un mecanismo efectivo para la resolucion de disputas.
Con Edison recently disclosed that with its new metering and communication equipment in place, a representative does not have to make an on-site visit to determine when gas is being used.
Las populares agendas electronicas de Palm van a la vanguardia en la region, al igual que en todo el mundo: en 2001, el 60% de las computadoras de mano funcionaban con software de Palm, y la compania controlaba el 42% del mercado del hardware, pero ese control se le escapa mientras la PocketPC de Microsoft avanza.
Gen Con So Cal will also feature over 1000 gaming events, nearly 130 exhibitors from the gaming industry, including Microsoft, Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck, AEG, Vivendi Entertainment, Lucas Arts, and special gaming events such as True Dungeon, a life-sized Dungeons & Dragons adventure
A cast of science fiction and fantasy film and television favorites will be on hand to christen the inaugural Gen Con So Cal show, including William Shatner (Star Trek), Dirk Benedict (Battlestar Galactica, The A-Team), Herbert Jefferson, Jr.