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Project Conserve serves western North Carolina by building stronger, more educated, and more involved communities that understand the threats to their local environment and are equipped with the tools and resources to take direct conservation action.
We want to create an opportunity to conserve petrol during this crisis.
and effective way to conserve water in Colorado to help meet its growing
Julie Dickson, superintendent at the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, has urged commercial banks in Canada to conserve capital.
He added: "If the nation embraces the product and shows their support for English fruit farmers, then we'll consider launching a series of English conserves in the near future.
The UK's leading sweet spreads brand is introducing a delicious range of Fruit & Honey Conserves sweetened with pure, natural honey.
2 : to keep in a safe condition : save <We must conserve our forests.
Other mammals conserve water by using it as efficiently as possible.
LANCASTER -- Los Angeles County Waterworks officials are asking Antelope Valley customers to conserve water to reduce water demand during the hot summer months.
Get them Go GreenGift, an eco-starter kit that makes change easy for people by supplying them with household items to conserve energy, organic foods and natural body-care products.
In April 2005, CSCA Facilities Director George Helm began implementing a conservation program, first by outfitting prerinse sprayers in the schools' kitchens and fixtures in its bathrooms with water-saving devices to conserve more than 360,000 gallons of water every year.