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CONTR BON MORContra Bonos Mores (Contrary To Good Manners Or Morals)
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whether recognition of this type of claim would be contra bonos mores.
In the light of widespread abuse over the past decades, the Investor-State Dispute Settlement mechanism, which accompanies most free trade and investment agreements must be abolished as contra bonos mores, because it encroaches on the regulatory space of States and suffers from fundamental flaws including lack of independence, transparency, accountability and predictability," he stressed.
the consent may not be contra bonos mores (against good morals or public policy) [8]
And if it's not contra bonos mores, Vera can be our amicus curiae anytime she likes.
However, the values in the Constitution enshrined in the rights listed in the Bill of Rights, [12] particularly the rights to dignity and privacy, give a good indication of how common law should be developed when the court considers whether an act of omission is contra bonos mores (contrary to good morals) and unlawful.