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CONTRAILCondensation Trail
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Reportedly, as a part of the AIC, a foundational element of AT&T's software-centric network, AT&T will use Contrail Networking to help automate and virtualise the network to rapidly scale and accelerate the deployment of new services.
Over 30 cloud-based applications developed by the start-up community have been tested on Cyberport's pilot cloud platform as part of a highly-successful Contrail proof-of-concept trial.
Juniper has joined the Open Daylight consortium as a platinum founding member and is contributing Contrail technology to the project.
Summary: The straight horizontal white contrails left by Israeli jets criss-crossing Lebanese skies on a near daily basis are a common sight.
Juniper was a strategic investor in Contrail earlier this year.
made the contrail appear as though it started on the ground and zoomed
Lapan said it was still not clear what caused the contrail.
And the best reminder, says Losnegard, might be when these employees drive home from work, pass under the structure and glimpse "a soft, subtle wash of light, like a jet contrail that catches the setting sun.
A CONTRAIL is an easy-to-load and easy-to-handle heavy-duty platform that enables over-sized and over-height equipment to be placed in a container-like envelope.
Royal Commission on Environmental Protection found that the net effects of ozone, contrail, and aviation-induced cloud cover is likely to triple the warming effect of aircraft-emitted C[O.
It comes with twin chrome exhausts, 17-inch alloy wheels and a choice of three colours ( Stormy Blue Mica, Tungsten Grey Mica and Silver Contrail Metallic.
The condensed water vapour left by jets in the sky is called a contrail.