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By comparison, the Suns photosphere contains about two million convective cells, with typical diameters of just 1500 kilometres.
The conference brought together scientists from different European countries, many of whom presented national climatologies of tornadoes and hail, demonstrating the significance of convective storm hazards in Europe.
The coefficient of convective heat transfer is uniform across the combustion chamber.
Convective windshear can be avoided by simply avoiding storms and not attempting landings and takeoffs in thunderstorms.
To obtain the convective heat transfer coefficients under different drying conditions, temperatures at specific locations inside the wood samples were measured and results are shown in Figure 5.
Convective air warming system is an effective equipment to maintain normothermia during operation.
Numerical and laboratory study of a horizontally evolving convective boundary layer.
The product was cooled within the product container using conduction or in a convective heat exchanger.
It also focuses on current and developing applications of microscale and nanoscale convective heat transfer.
The convective heat transfer in fluids flows through porous medium has numerous applications.
US-based medical device manufacturer Smiths Medical has launched a new Snuggle Warm poncho-style convective warming blanket to help maintain a patient's body temperature before, during, and after surgery, the company said on Monday.
The last two chapters, new in the third edition, cover novel techniques of microchannels and nanofluids as conduits for convective heat transfer.