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COOPCooperative (IRB)
COOPContinuity of Operations Plan
COOPContinuity of Operations
COOPCooperativa (Italian)
COOPCooperative Observer Program (National Weather Service)
COOPConcurrent Object-Oriented Programming
COOPCoastal Ocean Processes
COOPCoastal Ocean Observation Panel
COOPContingency Of Operations Plan
COOPCook's Petrel (bird species)
COOPCraft Of Opportunity Program
COOPContinuity of Operations Procedure
COOPCLIVAR Ocean Observing Panel
COOPConsideration of Others Program (US Army Intelligence and Security Command Human Relations Program)
COOPCritically Out of Position
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This last priority can only be addressed after the other three have been sufficiently underway because it requires prior clarification of organizational identity and purpose as well as experimentation with the emerging cooperation that would come out the new flexible and inclusive structures of inter-organizational dialogue.
After nearly six years of standstill, Turkey and Iran decided on January 27-29, 1985, to revive the Regional Cooperation and Development (RCD) organization and rename it the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).
SECRETORS AND CHEATERS Evolutionary theorists have held for more than 40 years that close genetic relations inspire cooperation.
Unfortunately, we are experiencing roadblocks to this cooperation today--including differing national priorities, governmental processes, and most important, relative investment strategies.
Cooperation and data sharing are also issues for the Los Angeles Police Department, which bars most contact with the INS.
Father Prieur's thesis fails as an example of legitimate cooperation and also an example of toleration of evil "for a greater good.
Takahiro Yasui, principal administrator of the Outreach Unit for Financial Sector Reform at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, said it was "too expensive for society to lose the benefits of globalization.
memorandum on cooperation in areas of disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation and the disposal of nuclear weapons, including Japan's assistance in dismantling Russia's retired nuclear submarines
There is, however, widespread belief that cooperation in building collections can significantly improve the quality of library service by broadening and deepening the range of materials collectively available.
The AFL-CIO and the majority of union leaders acknowledge some of these problems but still see cooperation as the way of the future.
Such a stakeholder is low on potential for threat but high on potential for cooperation.
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