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COOPSCenter for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
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The bottom of the coop was made of thick boards, so Dorothy found she was clinging to a sort of raft, with sides of slats, which readily bore up her weight.
she thought, more amused than frightened at her sudden change of condition; and then, as the coop climbed up to the top of a big wave, she looked eagerly around for the ship from which she had been blown.
Down into a valley between the waves the coop swept her, and when she climbed another crest the ship looked like a toy boat, it was such a long way off.
The coop did not toss around any more, but rode the waves more gently--almost like a cradle rocking--so that the floor upon which Dorothy stood was no longer swept by water coming through the slats.
So she sat down in a corner of the coop, leaned her back against the slats, nodded at the friendly stars before she closed her eyes, and was asleep in half a minute.
Med shot, Shelly-Ann Dinnall walking into chicken coop
A judge ordered Coops to be held in a lowsecurity psychiatric hospital until he was safe to release.
Woods encouraged farmers to let the southern wall of the coop remain open to air year round, although we've taken it even further, and our coops are built so that most of the wall areas are open to air.
On his part, CCB CEO Marios Clerides said the Coops will not grant loans which cannot be repaid adding that the loans will be granted under the new and more strict loan origination directive issued by the Central Bank which focuses on the borrower's ability to repay his loan rather than the collateral.
For her part, Minister Al-Subeeh said she was keen to assign priority to the coops dossiers since taking her post.
in Auburn saw the ad and, with help from a neighbor who caught them, ended up with two new additions to his chicken coop.
Based in Sebastopol, California, Wine Country Coops produces efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing coops in three sizes.