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COORDCoordination Drawing
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To become an NFL head coach, a candidate has to have coordinator experience: Even though there's no official mandate, it's seen as necessary preparation.
The role of a parenting coordinator includes the integration of skills and core knowledge drawn primarily from the areas of mental health, law, and conflict resolution.
As a recycling coordinator, Joanne is responsible for about 60 employees who collect recyclables and run the recycling processing facility in her county.
He said the committee will decide whether to allow him to stay another year or choose another general coordinator, adding that it will need to reach a final decision soon.
The role of the coordinator was designed to raise awareness of the health needs of farmworkers, facilitate continuity of care for those who migrate, act as a resource person for farmworker health programs and serve as a link between programs, and between the programs and the Bureau.
Maggie Duncan joined the LWVUS as communications coordinator in August.
Cleveland Browns quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer and former North Carolina and Fresno State offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti also spoke with Dorrell about the position.
He is the grand prize winner in the first Abitibi Paper Retriever Customer Recycling Coordinators Sweepstakes.
Contact Name/Title: Mary Hill, Coordinator, Academic Support Services
In 2002 my health began to fail for fieldwork, and I knew I'd soon have to retire from my job as the ARBT coordinator.
Schrieber, Michigan Department Service Officer (DSO) and Hospital Service Coordinator (HSC).
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