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CORMCouncil for Optical Radiation Measurements
CORMCenter of Reproductive Medicine (Texas)
CORMCommission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces
CORMControlled Oxidation of Radioactive Metal
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Corm argued that Lebanon should reduce its dependence on the real estate, tourism and financial sectors and be able to compete in other sectors like agriculture and manufacturing, which would provide added value to the economy.
Colchicums are about to come into flower so, if you want to grow these delightful autumnal surprises in your garden, look out for the corms in garden centres and catalogues in June and early July.
Whatever their size, look after the corms and don't let them get too hot and dry.
Laredo, Texas 78043, (512) 724-3951, ships corms with a short section of stem attached or potted pups ($12.
Before there is any risk of frost, lift your gladioli, remove the cormlets and the old corm - and dry both the new corm and the cormlets in a cool, airy place.
As flowers and leaves start to die,pull them away from the corm with a sharp tug.
You simply dig them up at the end of the season, leaving 12-15 inches of stem above the corm and allow them to die down naturally in a frost free greenhouse or garage.
He sits on the board of a number of reputed firms as well as established NGOs and charitable organizations including the Charles Corm Foundation (named after his late grandfather).
In the confines of a garden, clumps tend to become congested and consequently unproductive, so it is good practice to lift them every two years, keep the fat, new top corms and discard the rest.
Corm wrote in his 1966 tract "Essay on the Art and Civilization of this Era," "have had a ball plagiarizing the uncouth and grimacing statues of the primitive tribes of the five continents and the same with the drawings and colorings of children and schizophrenics.
Botanically, the food-storage organs that allow various plants to survive from one growing season to the next are identified by different terms such as bulb, tuber, tuberous root, rhizome and corm.