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Effective immediately, this partnership allows LMDSI to sell Correlate throughout the U.
The new division, which will continue to trade as Correlate Search, will be managed by Gavin Bonnet (Head of BMC/ governance recruitment), and Simon Head (Head of global markets/ front office recruitment).
We agree that, in general, CT evidence of CRS correlates poorly with symptom scores, and we have elaborated on this in some detail in a large recent study (Bhattacharyya N.
Laboratory tests to measure immune function are neither validated nor proven to correlate with improved and prolonged survival, thus making reliance on such tests as surrogate markers impossible;
These social pathologies correlate to illegitimacy at every income level, but they are particularly intense for people living in poverty.
This testing along with some occasional testing of "good" versus "bad" samples led to the conclusion that at the same viscosity (measured by Mooney or the DSR "A" factor) the higher alpha value seemed to correlate with better processing.
These lines, in turn, correlate with key fabrication variables--such as blow-up ratio, frost-line height, die gap, and output rate--and ultimately influence film properties, according to Thomas Butler, the senior development associate who authored the paper.
In Congress, Correlate visualizes a Representative's correspondence in real time, telling legislative staff what constituents are writing in about, where they're writing from, and which legislation corresponds to their inquiry.