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This combination will provide Whitney Correlate with access to a larger global client base and the best intelligence and research platform in the industry, while Options Group will strengthen its global investment banking and capital markets practices.
We agree that, in general, CT evidence of CRS correlates poorly with symptom scores, and we have elaborated on this in some detail in a large recent study (Bhattacharyya N.
K-Map for Project Documentation creates a guide for the project manager, allowing the manager to capture all of the information related to the project, either automatically or manually, in a logical outline that can be shared with a team, taken offline or stored within a document management system for further use, Correlate says.
Used with regularly calibrated systems, the test results are easily repeatable and correlate well with casting quality.
This means these particular lab tests have never been studied to see if they also correlate with prolonged life in people with HIV.
Whether it is crime, juvenile delinquency, spousal abuse, drug use, dropping out of school, poor grades in school, or juveniles being parents of illegitimate children, all of these factors directly correlate to illegitimacy.
This testing along with some occasional testing of "good" versus "bad" samples led to the conclusion that at the same viscosity (measured by Mooney or the DSR "A" factor) the higher alpha value seemed to correlate with better processing.