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It is accepted that the nickel based alloys has various applicable properties, such as high thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and wear.
Different surface finishes were found to exhibit different forms of corrosion, which result in fundamentally different corrosion outcomes.
Economic sectors from oil & gas, infrastructure, utilities, and transportation to production, manufacturing, and government are at risk of corrosion globally.
Although some steel has resistance properties against corrosion using in the oil field, however, it is a great challenge for the instruments involved in acidification operation, especially in high concentration of HCl under high temperature [2, 3].
If the utmost care is taken during design nearly a third of the corrosion problems can be resolved.
Although EPA cannot project the actual percentage of USTs storing diesel that are affected by corrosion nationwide, the Agency is alerting owners of USTs storing diesel fuel about risks from corrosion.
Metal corrosion is a costly fact of life in the oil and gas industry.
However, the passivation environment is destroyed with chloride penetrating into concrete, and it leads to the steel corrosion after a series of electrochemical reactions.
Due to this sensitive tool, AT, active corrosion has been detected / monitored at many different applications.
Corrosion behavior of metallic biomaterials has a strong effect on the biodegradability of medical metallic implants.
The Polish Corrosion Society holds a conference every three years, the 11th in 2014.