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CRSVCarnation Ringspot Virus
CRSVComputer Related System Validation (US FDA)
CRSVCanonici Regolari della Congregazione di San Vittore (Italian: Regular Canons of the Congregation of Saint Victor; Christianity)
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The NT pressure transducer, with Sapphire sensor, now provides the semiconductor industry with the technology to measure pressure for corrosive gases and high purity liquids in a vacuum environment without the risk of contamination or product failure.
Papers are being solicited for PACE 2004--Polymers in Aggressive and Corrosive Environments, to be held September 8-9 in Cologne, Germany.
NEED TO KNOW Drilling engineers, equipment manufacturers and chemical experts say the long-term consequences of exposing well casings to bromide-based fluids are poorly understood, and some corrosive bromide fluids have already been banned.
The seminars focused on the effect of corrosive sulphur (Cu2S) on oil filled transformers used in power plants, power generation, transmission and distribution.
com is an ideal lighting solution for those in the marine and petrochemical industries who need a Class 1 Division 2 lighting solution that can stand up to the corrosive effects of marine and wet environments.
Here are articles about corrosives of copper and its allies from the 24-volume second English edition of the DECHEMA Corrosion Handbook, published in 2004.
The new product line of extruded pipes and tubing made from PEEK [TM] polymer is able to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions and reduce weight.
The company reports that the new product line of extruded pipes and tubing, made from its PEEK polymer, makes full use of the material's performance capabilities, including the ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions and reduce weight .
EMERGENCY services in the North East are warning members of the public not to touch any bingo-marker style pens found near graffiti as they may contain a highly corrosive acid.
Taxpayers may seek relief under IRS Revenue Procedure 2010-36, which addresses tax implications of corrosive drywall and the resulting economic loss.
It entails providing a cleaner that consists of a first container of hydrogen peroxide having a corrosive acidic pH; and a second container of an alkaline component having an alkaline pH and an alkaline builder.
A particular feature of the exchanger is that its two elements can be fabricated from different materials; for instance, when only one side of the exchanger is likely to be exposed to corrosive conditions.