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COSMICConstellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere and Climate (collaboration project between US University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and ROC National Space Program Office)
COSMICComputer Software Management and Information Center
COSMICConcepts and Operations for Space and Missile Defense Integration Capabilities
COSMICThe Common Software Measurement International Consortium
COSMICCountry Specific Model for Intertemporal Climate
COSMICCommon System Main Interconnecting Frame
COSMICCoherent Optical System of Modular Imaging Collectors
CoSMICComponent Synthesis with Model Integrated Computing
COSMICComputer Software Management Information Center
COSMICComparing Options in Secondary Mathematics: Investigating Curriculum (NSF-funded research project)
COSMICChamber Orchestra of Southern Marylnd in Concert
COSMICCenters For Ocean Surveillance & Maritime Information Coordination
COSMICCorporate Sustainability Management in Indian Companies (Adelphi; Berlin, Germany)
COSMICNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) security category (US DoD)
COSMICCatalogue of Somatic Mutation in Cancer (database)
COSMICConservation of Ancient Monuments in Cultivation
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London, Apr 19 ( ANI ): Although cosmic rays were discovered 100 years ago, their origin has mystified physicists since long.
For eight years, another balloon experiment called ATIC sniffed out levels of high-energy electrons--perhaps an underappreciated galactic cosmic ray species because of their relatively low contribution to the total amount of incoming particles.
We turned to Cosmic Blender to help us creatively capture the essence of what a well-designed process can do for our customers -- allow artists more time for creative discovery and delivery, while generating more through-put for business owners.
The Cosmic Blobs Expansion Pack Collection is a boxed set compilation of previous Cosmic Blobs thematic add-ons, including decals, animations, music and other multimedia objects.
A study using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope finds that the tumult of star birth and death in Cygnus X has managed to corral fast-moving particles called cosmic rays.
The cosmic room investigation began in 2009 after the capture of two officers, Col.
They found a small correlation between cosmic rays and global temperatures occurring every 22 years; however, the changing cosmic ray rate lagged behind the change in temperatures by between one and two years, suggesting that the cause may not be down to cosmic rays and cloud formation, but may be due to the direct effects of the Sun.
Ian Buchanan, who with Larry Flynn completed the Cosmic Cases, said: "Malcolm had seen Wootton Bassett win at York and Doncaster but couldn't make Longchamp.
New experiments provide persuasive evidence to show that the changes in the intensity of galactic cosmic rays can significantly affect global temperature.
Energetic cosmic rays have a damaging effect on living organisms, which is substantially greater than X-rays or gamma-rays (Goldman, 1982; Shimada, Shima, Nojima, Seino, & Setlow, 2005).
This is the key point for the beginning of the proposed expanding or growing cosmic black hole
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- New research by the National Space Institute in the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) validated 13 years of discoveries that point to a key role for cosmic rays in climate change.