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However, it probably was after 1597, for in his Treatise on the Sphere, or Cosmography, written that year, Galileo still seems to accept the contrary claim.
In line with Hawaiian cosmography (Mokuau, in press), we define health broadly to include social and health issues rather than a sole focus on the absence of disease.
As William Cunningham points out in his Cosmographical Glasse (1559), early modern English used "worlde" to denote the object of cosmography, the study of the earth and the heavens.
I do not know whether Pardo knew about Mictlan before he began this project, or, if he did, whether he consciously tried to match his design to pre-Columbian cosmography.
Some attractive papers are extremely illuminating about Alberti's broad interests and contacts, about Dominican networking, the evolution of cosmography (place description, in Ptolemy's concept), and geography (description of the world), and for the two-way interactions between descriptive geography and prints, or Egnazio Danti's wonderful frescoed maps in the Vatican.
From pre-Columbian Amerindian cosmography through the richness of medieval mappae mundi, from Japanese portolans to the barrage of 19th-century British Admiralty charts, maps made and manipulated an expanding realm of understanding.
12) African cosmography cannot accommodate so spiritually vacuous a notion as environmental scarcity.
These purposes brought the English drama into a close relation with the new cosmography of Ortelius and others.
A highlight is the cavorting cockerel and his hens, and there's a delightful line about interglobular cosmography, but the rhyming couplets that dominate the evening in this Phil Woods-Michael Bogdanov adaptation badly need to have their scansion sorted.
Army work included 'construction work, fortification, cartography, hydrography, topography, cosmography, territorial reconnaissance, communications, etc'.
As-Suyuti, Jalal al-Din, Kitab al-Hay'ah as-Saniyyah fi'l-Hay'ah as-Sunniyyah (The Radiant Cosmography in the Cosmography of Tradition).