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Cartographically, he seems to have exploited and compiled other people's work; but on the other hand Coronelli was a truly great cartographic talent, with a passion for geography and cosmography, and was literally venerated by some, including Antonio Magliabechi, the erudite librarian of the Grand Duke of Florence.
The Cosmography at the centre of the second part of D'Alembert's Principle provides accounts of Ferguson's travels to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in tones strongly reminiscent of David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus.
In the wake of Thomas Kuhn's studies, it is clear that by his project Jarry advocated the need for a pataphysical revolution: a science that is to study all phenomena as just as many exceptions, precisely as Humboldt's cosmography required: to study each phenomenon as it is, in its uniqueness, because its existence at this level of resolution calls our attention.
Isidore discussed similar subjects in his work De rerum natura with emphasis on astronomy, cosmography and meteorology.
To this end, In the late sixteenth century the Spanish Crown reintroduced cosmography as a field of knowledge applied to the continents of America and Oceania, and developed instruments for the chorographic and geographical recognition of the territories claimed on behalf of the King.
Therefore, the description of peoples became the empirical foundation for a general rewriting of 'natural and moral history' within a new cosmography made possible by the navigations of the period" (242).
Smith, who focuses primarily on the Enchanted Boat chapter of part two, examines the way in which an innovative and abstract "view from above"--as articulated in cartographic works like Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum--informs the cosmography that Cervantes parodies in Don Quixote and Sancho's early modern "voyage of discovery" upon the Ebro River.
navigator needed to know science-wise and then learn that Christopher Columbus knew Latin, Portuguese, Castilian, Cosmography, Geography, Algebra, Geometry, Cartography, Theology, Navigation, plus secret ciphers,” says Rosa, “question how could he have been the touted wool-weaver from Genoa and not a noble well-schooled from a young age?
Comprehending" means representing cosmography in miniature, as well as understanding.
The Cosmography of Aethicus Ister; edition, translation, and commentary.
The meaning 'sky, heaven, bowl of heaven' is also attested for Greek [delta][epsilon][pi][alpha][zeta]; in "a single locus of solar mythology and cosmography in Greek poetry of the eighth, seventh, sixth, and early fifth centuries," reviewed by Calvert Watkins in a magisterial study of the "New Sappho" (Watkins 2007, not cited by Yakubovich).
Recorde praises knowledge "of cosmography as the study of the unchanging heavens, the repository of knowledge and truth" (qtd.