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COTCollege of Occupational Therapists (UK)
COTCar of Tomorrow
COTCommitment of Traders
COTCup of Tea
COTCommittee on Toxicity (UK)
COTCity of Tucson (Arizona)
COTAt the Coast (general aviation)
COTCustomer-Owned Tooling
COTCentral Office Terminal
COTCommonwealth Office of Technology (Kentucky)
COTCommercial Off the Shelf
CoTCaverns of Time (World of Warcraft gaming)
COTCertified Ophthalmic Technician
CoTCompletely Off Topic
CoTCursor on Target
COTCost of Transfer (banking)
COTConsecutive Overseas Tour
COTCancer Osaka Thyroid
COTCoin Operated Telephone
COTCrossroads of Twilight (book)
COTCarnitine Octanoyltransferase
COTClass of Trade (marketing)
COTCenter for Ocean Technology
COTCustomer-Originated Trace (Nortel)
COTColombia Time (Colombia time zone)
COTContinuity Testing
COTChain of Title (ownership claim)
COTCentral Office Trunk
COTCost of Testing
COTCentral Office Technician
COTChief of Transportation (US Army, Ft Eustis, VA)
COTChange of Trend (finance)
COTClass of Traffic (ITU-T)
CoTCave of Trials (game)
COTCustomer Office Terminal
COTConditions of Tender
COTCause of Transmission
COTCommissioned Officer Training course
COTCertificate of Transport
COTcommanding officer of troops (US DoD)
COTCard or Tape (old term for computer storage media)
COTChannel of Trade
COTChange of Trim (International Association of Drilling Contractors)
COTContinually On-line Trained
COTCommercial Off-The-Shelf Technology
COTComputer Operator Terminal
COTcrisis operations team (US DoD)
COTContainer Off-Loading and Transfer System
COTCooperative Occupational Training
COTConsolidated Operability Test
COTCadet Orientation Tour
COTCritical Operating Task
COTCommercial Off-Topic
COTCounter Obstacle Team
COTClerical Office Technician
COTConsolidated Operability Trial
COTContractor's Operations Trial
COTCargo Only Tank (Oil Tankers)
COTContinuous Time of the Day
COTComponent Operability Test
COTCommunity Outpatient Treatment (healthcare)
COTCurrent Operating Time
COTChurch of Thyatis (fictional, Dungeons & Dragons)
COTCommunity Outreach Team (various locations)
COTConventions d'Occupation Temporaire (French: Temporary Occupancy Agreement)
COTClub Omnisports de Tarentaise (French multisport club)
COTCarbone Organique Total (French: Total Organic Carbon)
COTCommittee on Technology (various organizations)
COTChronic Opioid Therapy
COTCommunity of Trust (various organizations)
COTCertificate of Test
COTCollege of Textiles (North Carolina State University)
COTCoil-Out Temperature
COTChicago Opera Theater (Chicago, IL)
COTClandeboye Oldtimers (est. 1977; Canada)
COTContrat d'Objectif Territorial (French: Territorial Target Agreement)
COTCouncil of Trent (Roman Catholic Church)
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The cot was presented to bereavement midwife Sandra Pinder at the church annual meeting.
There can also be a stigma attached to cot death and parents can carry all this guilt, and often the way people react can also affect them especially if they are being told 'you can always have another baby.
The sole purpose of the COT assessment rolling windows is to monitor the level of therapy services provided and to adjust the billable RUG as frequently as weekly so that the Medicare Part A claim accurately reflects the current services.
com SILVER CROSS POSTURESTART COT MATTRESS WITH a reversible design providing a firmer sleep side for infants 0-18 months and a softer sleep side for children from 18 months, this standard cot and cot bed-size mattress actively responds to a child's changing shape and is twin-skinned, with a waterproof inner and a washable outer cover that incorporates a moisture and temperature management system.
Two-year-old Elsie needed a specialist cot so she could sleep in a tilted position to reduce the risk of reflux and to facilitate use of an overnight controlled ventilation system (BiPAP).
Seven-month-old Ainslie Smith died after becoming trapped between the mattress and the slatted side of the PS200 Cosatto Stratford cot as he slept in July 2009.
And after researching the safety issues, she found many children are injured by getting caught in bars or even suffocating under fabric cot bumpers.
The Bridgend-based business had been working with COT Solutions since December 2010 when the firm approached it for help with setting up and using in-house book-keeping systems.
of Shigella isolates 2000-2001 2001-2002 (n/N = 24/550) (n/N = 9/106) AMP 12 - CoT - - TET - - AMP, CoT 9 1 TET, CoT - - CoT, NAL - - TET, NAL - - AMP, TET, CoT - - AMP, CoT, CHL - - TET, CoT, CHL - - AMP, CHL, NAL - - TET, CoT, NAL - - AMP, CoT, NAL 3 5 AMP, TET, CoT, CHL - - AMP, CoT, CHL, NAL - 1 AMP, TET, CoT, NAL - 1 AMP, CoT, NIT, NAL - 1 TET, CoT, CHL, NAL - - AMP, CoT, NAL, NOR - - AMP, TET, CoT, NIT, NAL - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR, CIP - - AMP, TET, CoT, CHL, NAL, NOR, CIP, - - OFX, GAT Year-wise no.
The research from Bristol and Warwick universities also linked parents' drinking and drug taking habits with an increase in the chance of cot death occurring.
Thankfully the total number of cot deaths in the UK has fallen by about three-quarters since 1991.
Despite the growth in COT, evidence regarding its benefits and safety is sparse.