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COUNTERCounting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources
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Excellently well, we will haf it," answered the Professor, smiling to himself as he paid for it, while Jo continued to rummage the counters like a confirmed bargain-hunter.
Sommers after that did not move in the direction of the bargain counter.
Presently the whole chapel resounded with rappings and counter rappings: every man's hand was against his neighbour; and Branderham, unwilling to remain idle, poured forth his zeal in a shower of loud taps on the boards of the pulpit, which responded so smartly that, at last, to my unspeakable relief, they woke me.
The first words spoken, however, by the man behind the counter reached her ears, and informed her that the servant's object was to buy a railway guide.
Madame Defarge, his wife, sat in the shop behind the counter as he came in.
When everybody had retired but the two prentices, they did the same to them; and thus the cheerful voices died away, and the lads were left to their beds; which were under a counter in the back-shop.
The counter inside was a convenient height for rabbits.
Even at this first en- counter, this first glimpse, I was overcome with disgust and dread.
They went into the town and asked for two glasses of liqueur, at the counter -- as their friends must have done before them.
The drawer was never opened, it is true, but that next it was in constant use, and certain crevices beneath the counter enabled us to see a little, and to hear more, of what passed in the magazin.
This man, seated upon a stool, scarcely showed his head above the counter that sheltered him.
There was a long counter to the left of him, with drawers and miscellaneous commodities ranged behind it, a number of chairs, several tables, and two spittoons to the right, various barrels, cheeses, and bacon up the vista, and beyond, a large archway leading to more space.