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BIKESAFE offers guidance on implementing countermeasures to improve the safety and mobility of bicyclists.
Contents Introduction The Project BioShield Act Expedited Procedures Market Guarantee Emergency Use of Unapproved Products Reporting Requirements Appropriations Acquisitions BioShield and BARDA Policy Issues Diversion of BioShield Funds to Other Purposes Transfers for CBRN Countermeasure Research and Development Transfer for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Changing the Countermeasure Development and Acquisition Process Stockpile Management Broad-Spectrum Countermeasures Contacts Author Contact Information
Chairman Ken Scobie said the company's countermeasures division still commands more than half of the world market for expendable countermeasures and had continued to see a considerable increase in profits.
And, by changing the definition of the review period to begin at the time the product is submitted to the Patent and Trademark Office, Bioshield II grants monopoly status to new countermeasures well beyond the current 14-year limit on the overall development time period.
Additional criteria that could be employed in countermeasure selection include the following:
Although the Miami and San Francisco field teams deployed many of the countermeasures at multiple sites, they selected one or more sites for the study of each countermeasure and collected data at those sites only.
went to fund countermeasure advanced development through the Biodefense
WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- The Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures program was selected as co-winner of the 2005 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award.
Also, when you're working topside on your bird, be careful not to kick the countermeasure set or drop tools on it.
Biological Countermeasure projects include the BioWatch environmental monitoring program, the BioShield program for development of medical countermeasures and the BioSense national health surveillance system, The Biological Countermeasures budget also provides funding for the proposed National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center, which will house the National Bioforensic Analysis Center and the Biological Threat Characterization Center, and for planning of the National Bio and Agrodefense Facility for agriculture security.