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COYOTECall Off Your Old Tired Ethics
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They were so pleased with the decision that they declared the Coyote their candidate for the Grizzly Bearship; but whether he ever obtained the office history does not relate.
With that alertness of the senses which is at once the marvel and despair of civilised peoples, they knew that the pirates were on the island from the moment one of them trod on a dry stick; and in an incredibly short space of time the coyote cries began.
What could the bewildered scouts do, masters as they were of every war-like artifice save this one, but trot helplessly after him, exposing themselves fatally to view, while they gave pathetic utterance to the coyote cry.
He had seen the thing pursue the coyote, and he knew he had no chance on a straight run.
I saw him chasing a coyote, and the last I saw of it, by God, he was gaining on it.
And they were right, though they never would have dreamed of the nature of the sport, even if they had seen him running coyotes in night-chases over the hills of Mill Valley.
So he had eschewed all love-making, regulated his dual life, cleaned up a million in business, fought shy of match-making mamas and bright-eyed and eager young ladies of various ages, met Lilian Gersdale and made it a rigid observance never to see her later than eight o'clock in the evening, run of nights after his coyotes, and slept in forest lairs--and through it all had kept his secret safe save Lee Sing .
But he no longer lives in the country; nor does he run of nights after the coyotes under the moon.
But on general principles it is my opinion that a colt out of a coyote and a wild-cat is no square dog, but doubtful.
In a news conference, authorities said the incident with the boy and the coyote took place at 6:40 p.
The Coyote Management Plan was created to educate residents on normal coyote behaviors and activity," said Laura Rudow, superintendent of parks and planning.
As the average age of the coyote population increases, they experience another year of hunting pressure through the fawning season," Randy says.