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CRAFTYCurriculum Renewal Across the First Two Years (Mathematical Association of America)
CRAFTYCalculus Reform and the First Two Years
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In her many musings, she surrounds the original smile with a multitude of fantasies, which make it strange and awful: as, for instance, if she imagines him in a coffin, that parting look is frozen on his pale features; or, if she dreams of him in heaven, still his blessed spirit wears a quiet and crafty smile.
COTTON MATHER," continued Grandfather," was a bitter enemy to Governor Dudley; and nobody exulted more than he when that crafty politician was removed from the government, and succeeded by Colonel Shute.
So, with a crafty and evil smile upon his face, he spoke as follows:
The captain knew the character of these savages; one of the most roving, warlike, crafty, and predatory tribes of the mountains; horse-stealers of the first order, and easily provoked to acts of sanguinary violence.
But the other, crafty and unmoved, nursing his shaven chin between the thumb and forefinger of his slim and treacherous hand, thinks deep within his heart full of guile: "Aha
I HAD indeed had a very long talk with the crafty little politician, and on regaining my quarters, I found that dinner was half over.
The selfishness of a mean and crafty man--the selfishness of an ambitious and silly woman the selfishness of a spiteful and loveless child all tend one way, from bad to worse
But base and crafty cowards, are like the arrow that flieth in the dark.
The gnat, who was the most crafty, flew into the forest where the enemy was assembled, and hid herself beneath a leaf of the tree where the password was to be announced.
Now would he track down the crafty Sabor and slay her likewise.
said Pierre, gazing over his spectacles with curiosity and seriousness (for which Princess Mary was specially grateful to him) into Ivanushka's face, who, seeing that she was being spoken about, looked round at them all with crafty eyes.
Taken in by the stratagem of Rosa, who had feigned to put it in the ground, and entertaining no doubt that this little farce had been played in order to force him to betray himself, he redoubled his precaution, and employed every means suggested by his crafty nature to watch the others without being watched himself.