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CRAPCan't Realize a Profit
CRAPCentre de Recherche et d'Action Pédagogique (French: Center for Educational Research and Action)
CRAPContent Restriction Annulment and Protection (aka Digital Rights Management; coined by David Berlind)
CRAPContrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity (design principles)
CRAPCold Rolled Annealed and Pickled (steel industry)
CRAPCanadian Reform Alliance Party (now Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance)
CRAPCompulsive Risk Assessment Psychosis (business satire)
CRAPCheap Redundant Assorted Products
CRAPCleverly Rigged Accounting Principles
CRAPCitizens Raging Against Phones (Grand Theft Auto 3)
CRAPCut Rate Auto Parts (auto parts distribution chain Olympia, Washington)
CRAPChange Risk Analysis and Prediction (software; now Change Risk Analysis Anti-Patterns)
CRAPCriticism, Rejection, Assholes & Pressure
CRAPContent Restriction and Punishment (aka Digital Rights Management; coined by Richard Stallman)
CRAPCloudy Reporting Accounting Principles
CRAPCommunity Rolling Action Plan (EU)
CRAPCitizens Revolt Against Poop
CRAPCourts, Roads, Avenues, and Places (mnemonic for East-West Streets in Miami)
CRAPComputerized Response Audience Poll
CRAPCarrying Resentments Against People (12 step recovery)
CRAPCoventry Residents Against Phish
CRAPCannot Really Assess Possibilities
CRAPConsumer Research and Planning
CRAPCounty Rural Addressing Project
CRAPCoalition of Royal Allied Powers (gaming clan, Cybernations)
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Life Is Crap creates all their own designs on high-quality apparel for men, women and even babies
I am the figurehead of Crap Towns and if I visit and the book is proved wrong, then that's bad for me but good for Nuneaton.
He fixed me with an expression that was a blend of disdain and disbelief, then barked: "Yam full of crap, yam am.
The classic book he co-authored with Charles Weingarten, Teaching as a Subversive Activity, (Delacorte Press, 1969) discusses crap detection as fundamental to learning.
Next was Orlando for the tradeshow crap and nearer to the inevitable drive back to San Diego.
Amrullah, who, despite never winning in 74 outings, netted more than pounds 26,000 in place money, was far from crap.
I also realized that crap is a delightful word that I had taken for granted too long.
And they require more than the bump-da-bump crap than most people believe," she says, her grin building to a chuckle.
Murray gave us our title for the day," said Dionne, referring to a throwaway line by Friedman: "God's floating crap game.
org) Basically, the crap from Warhol's desk: fan letters, collectible spoons, stencils for the soup cans, porn, magazines that were probably props in Taylor Mead's Ass (1965), odd missives from Factory workers Brigid Polk and Billy Name, not very charming directives from Gerard Malanga, unopened junk mail to Warhol's mom from the Catholic Archdiocese, etc.
By using a strategy known as "gap and crap," she could easily pocket $500 or more in an hour or so.