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CRAVECosta Rica Aura Validation Experiment
CRAVECrew Robotics and Vehicle Equipment (NASA)
CRAVECarcinogenic Risk Assessment Verification Endeavor
CRAVECancer Risk Assessment Verification Endeavor (EPA)
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Does this gentleman crave my pardon for having used me despitefully?
My ears may be somewhat dulled by the water, and perchance what has been said has escaped me, but I have not yet heard this gentleman crave pardon for the insults which he put upon me in the hall.
The barber, therefore, after some hesitation, and many hums and hahs, at last begged leave to crave the name of the lady, who appeared to be the principal cause of all this mischief.
The whole imbalance makes you crave sugary food which inadvertently leads to boost in feel-good hormones and hence cheer you up.
It's fine to give customers "the flavorful dishes they crave at a value they can get excited about.
Crave Mead opened its doors in June 2015 and has over 15 flavors and recently released 3 new flavors for spring - Blackcurrant, Mojito and Lemon Thyme.
Crave will be available for download on iOS at launch with Android to follow shortly after.
Fresh curds are tremendously popular, especially in Wisconsin, but really across the country," says Debbie Crave, vice president of the Waterloo, Wis.
Researchers believe that the game works because concentrating on different shapes of Tetris distracts the brain from portraying food or similar things that a person craves for.
Crave opened as an espresso bar and lunch-only restaurant, but it is best known for its over-the-top cupcake flavors.
The Crave relaunch will debut new ad products and advanced technology.
First performed in 1998, Crave - like Illusions - is a poetic study of the human heart, of the ambiguity of relationships and the fragility of the individuals who inhabit them, and it was written by Kane under the pseudonym of Marie Kelvedon.