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CRAWCatamaran Racing Association of Wisconsin (Lake Mills, Wisconsin)
CRAWConstituted Ray Art Weapon (gaming)
CRAWCompact Rapid Attack Weapon
CRAWCarrier Replacement Air Wing
CRAWColony Records Analysis Workshop
CRAWConstruction Risk Assessment Workshop
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WELSH BEEF A portrait of Welsh Black cattle by Donna Craw shaw demonstrates her attention to detail
The fact that we met here and also the fact that there are so many truly enlightened people here, gay and straight, made it the obvious choice for us to commit for life and maybe change history," says Craw ford.
What stuck in their craw was the "100 percent money-back guarantee" Phillips offered.
I'm straight Out of the minstrel show tradition--which makes this whole "ownership" business stick in my craw even more.
Mullen swaggeringly exits with "I'm making bird seed to stick in a hen's craw.
Craw of Alaska's Department of Natural Resources in Fairbanks describes places as looking "like the snow pack had exploded off the mountainsides.
His self-righteous proclamations, his all-encompassing devotion to himself, sticks in the craw the moment his goofy-toothed mouth flaps wide.
The three engineers, Darrell Grant, Christopher Craw and Richard Johnson, recently got underway with Bataan for a 36-hour shakedown cruise.
But looking back, one thing I kept hearing stuck in my craw, because the more I thought about it, the more it said something profound about our understanding of leadership -- and, coincidentally, communication.
added to my already full craw when, as evidence to support his point that the "civilized" lens is inappropriate, he noted: "Ours is one of the only industrialized nations in the world that still uses capital punishment.
Jennifer Craw, head of the industry at Grampian Enterprise, is clear about why NPD should be high on the agenda for most food and drink firms.