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CRAWDADCommunity Resource for Archiving Wireless Data at Dartmouth (Dartmouth College; Hanover, NH)
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As with the spider, crawdad, and snake, misinformation spreads unnecessary fear.
I said no--I wanted to catch crawdads with my cousins.
This kind of humility makes him a trustworthy guide to the most common wildlife-chickadees, crawdads, ants, mayflies, and minnows.
Each data set was analyzed in Crawdad Text Analysis software creating a CRA Network for each job listing.
Saturday and Sunday, patrons can dine on corn, potatoes and crawdads for $6 a plate.
Crawdad Festival scheduled this weekend in Lakeside
The water is brownish, and visibility is better in some areas than others, so I mostly used a watermelon 4-inch Senko with gold flake, a 4-inch paddle tail finesse worm called a "flirt' made by Reaction Innovations in a blue-green crawdad color, and a greenish crankbait with a black top that goes down about eight feet.
That is followed by a detailed description of the research methodology, Crawdad and Centering Resonance Analysis (CRA).
More than 1,000 pounds of fresh crawdads will be imported from Louisiana for a Crawdad Festival that will take place May 8-10 at Lakeside County Park south of Reedsport.
Isleton Crawdad Festival, on the town's main streets.
According to Mayor Michael Gomez, the City of Isleton will hold a press conference to discuss recent efforts made by the Isleton Chamber of Commerce to thwart the City's efforts in producing and marketing the 2005 Crawdad Festival.
I descended to it and it backed away--a totally white crawdad.