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CRAWDADCommunity Resource for Archiving Wireless Data at Dartmouth (Dartmouth College; Hanover, NH)
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Since CRA networks typically contain hundreds of word connections, the CRA visualization that is constructed by Crawdad Analysis Software provides a visualization of a sub-network based on the most influential words in the document.
As with the spider, crawdad, and snake, misinformation spreads unnecessary fear.
Dooley holds two patents related to "Centering Resonance Analysis," an innovative approach to network text analysis, and is the co-founder and CEO of Crawdad Technologies LLC.
This kind of humility makes him a trustworthy guide to the most common wildlife-chickadees, crawdads, ants, mayflies, and minnows.
Tubes and jigs in brown, brown-purple, and crawdad patterns work well because the crawfish population is so strong.
In region one, the underground mines earning honors were Consolidation Coal's Shoemaker mine, Wolf Run's Sentinel operation, Mettiki Coal's Mettiki E mine and Red Bone Mining's Crawdad No.
At that point, the speaker becomes his feet, in gravel, a crawdad scooting away, while he waits for paradise to come to him.
A small 8cm Rapala DTTSS Thug in red crawdad fitted with a VMC SS Sure Set hook accounted for most of Clive's fish.
And by the way she was doing it, her pupils big and black as crawdad holes, her face twisted somewhere between a smirk and a squeal, I knew it had happened for her too.
That is followed by a detailed description of the research methodology, Crawdad and Centering Resonance Analysis (CRA).
Steven Velek and Scott Sajovitz have decked the walls of Rock Town Grill with pictures of boats, fishermen and a larger-than-life mermaid, reflecting menu items such as "Pontchartrain Gumbo," "Rajin' Cajun Crawdad Tails," "Barbi Shrimp" and "Nawlins Po'Boys.
A cast-iron weather vane or stained glass butterfly on sale in Stockton may be on sale next month in Isleton at the Crawdad Festival.